Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A Wet Afternoon

My 'chook girls' protest against caged laying hens.

I am so glad that once again the deplorable conditions these birds live in has been featured in the Western Australian media. I am even happier that it is being discussed at breakfast tables all over the state.

It would be awesome if all eggs came from chooks with room to move, bugs to scratch for - and as a bonus a vegetarian diet.

If you can't have your own chickens then please remember that choosing free range eggs in the supermarket may cost a little extra but it does make a difference.


Dotee said...

Love the colors you have used. Is the cage mesh fabric? I love the green fabric with eggs too.

What a beautiful way of expressing your feelings about the terrible conditions.

I think it is so sad that chickens should live that way. There is no need for it.

I always buy freerange eggs, and certainly will in the future.

Bless your caring heart!

Natalie B said...

Hey Julie I saw that add for the first time today and immediately Emma asked me what it meant. We had our own chooks on the farm and she grew up feeding them and collecting their eggs, so I guess she assumed that's what happened with the eggs we bought up here. Andddddddd I never thought to fill her in on what actually happens. Free range eggs taste the best anyway and that's what I buy (not just purely for taste though), but I have seen happy chooks and hate to think of any animals suffering. Love your ATC's and love the way you've done the chicken wire on the background. I've only just finished my industria ATC's and will be posting them to France tom. Yay, now on to an ATC for Jackie H (RR) and then white fat book pages. Love it, never ending goodies to produce. Cheers Nat

Julie H said...

Hi Dot and Nat

Thanks for your comments. The background is a fabric, loved it on sight.

I must hunt out a poem I used to use when I began campaigning against caged hens - aged 8. It is a Pam Ayers one. If I find it tonight I will post it.

Natalie B said...

Great, would love to read it! Nat

Lisa said...

Love your fabric pieces and these great protesters! There sure are some awesome artists and people in Australia. :)

carmel said...

I will join the crowing about cage eggs - I currently buy my eggs from school (fundraiser) but they are RSPCA endorsed but otherwise - freerange - poor caged mums, could be a statement on women in general.
Hugs, Carmel xx

One Crabapple said...

Ah yes ! it is definitely a SIN the way they keep the is disgusting and actually unbelievable. We are EGGLAND'S BEST buyers now for years....Only free range and organic birds here !!!

I get sick every time I even think about how they are keeping the laying hens in these places....

I love your Chook Girls Protest cards here. I think this would make a great photo for an ad / flyers.