Monday, October 23, 2006

More Oriental ATCs

I keep telling myself that I am not going to do anymore bulk sets of ATCs, that I will only do OOAK. Then a theme I like appears ... and I can't help myself. Sometimes I don't want to submit them; I like the effect of nine similar cards all one page. There will be a real pang as I separate these ones. And then, when I get the returns, a healing - as I see a page of themed cards by fellow artists.

This is my final set for the Scrapbook Designs swap.


Lisa said...

These are lovely. I can see why you wouldn't want to break them up, but it's good you have others to look forward to. :) I liked the ones in the last post, too.

Dotee said...

Gorgeous Julie! I love the effect of 9 similar cards on a page too.
When I used to take part in swaps on ATC Addicts I enjoyed seeing them all in their plastic sleeves ready to go.
But like you prefer doing OOAK.
Am sure the recipients of these will love them :)

France said...

Hey Julie, what a productive little artist you are. I'm commenting on this as I love the way you broke the coins! I have that one as a Krafty Lady art mould (the dragon phoenix one) and I just LOVE it! When I purposely break stuff it always looks weird... but on your ATCs it works!
might have to give it another go, and break some stuff!!!