Monday, October 16, 2006

Sick Bubby Girl

My bubby girl is 9 1/2, not really a bubby at all, and she is not well. Poor Maggie has had swellings in her neck, with increasing frequency, and often needs anti-histamine, without it she has difficulty breathing. She has been whimpering in her sleep recently as well. So today she had to go and visit vet Jade. Maggie was such a good girl and has had all sorts of tests, but has not had a very good reaction to the sedative.

Here she is all cuddled up with the shakes, and the saddest, saddest eyes.

Her bed is huge and she is all curled up in one corner.


Kelly W said...

Oh Julie - so sorry to hear about poor maggie girl. Hopefully the vet will have some positive news for you both. Reading your entry tonight has made me go and cuddle my 6.5 year old "baby" for a bit longer than usual.

Am thinking of you both.

Anonymous said...

oh julie~
me & my pack are sending lots of well wishes and wet kisses for a speedy recovery..
take care and godspeed~k

One Crabapple said...

oh Jules this is HEARTBREAKING news....She just hasto get better.

I will use all my love and thoughts toward this today as I think of it .... for you too ! You must be a wreck and I bet you have had hardly any sleep at all.

I am squeezing you and holding Mag's paw.... sweet Maggie Girl.

Much Love, S.

(and not that this is the least bit important but my email is still down so if you have written or wondered why I hadn't....there it is. Busy at work and have not had time to blog...which is just WRONG!)

One Crabapple said...

Hi again Bubby Maggie Girl.......xxxooo.
Get some good rest so you get stronger soon.
Try to drink a little water and eat a little something, anything you can.
Tell Julie to bring out the good stuff - home cookin and the things that you pester her to give to you.

Dotee said...

Oh,Julie I am so sad to hear your baby girl is ill. I am sending much love to you and to her so she can get well soon. It must be very hard for you to see her like this. And, to hear her whimper in her sleep.

You are the best dog and cat mama and I know she is very good hands.

Will keep you both in my prayers.

Dotee xoxo

Julie H said...

My Maggie girl has had some beakfast this morning (home cooked rice and vege she did not have last night, with a little bowl of doggie milk), and now she has decided she will stay inside today. She is lying back on her bed sighing deeply.

Poor sweetheart, she had not complained in all these years, I always joke that her pain receptors came from the staffy half - as she does not seem to feel any.

Thank you for all your well wishes.

Lisa said...

I'm sorry your Maggie is not feeling well. :(

Me said...

it is hard when pets get older...our greyhound is ten...she is very healthy for her age...but...

my girls will be heartbroken...when she goes...

Natalie B said...

Hi Julie

Well I'm glad to hear Maggie is up to eating something now. Wishing her a quick and speedy recovery. Big hugs Nat