Thursday, October 19, 2006

Cheery Post

What a lovely mail day, a cheery robin ATC from Dot and a gorgeous concertina card from Sharynne Clews.

Maggie is a fairly happy girl - enjoying some early evening sunshine and a lovely bone to chew (She seems to think it is lovely!). As I commented yesterday we have a few bit and pieces to keep an eye on over the next week or so, fluids and a food diary - but her problems are mostly a few age things coming together; diabetes, arthritis and an allergy. It was so nice to pull into the carport tonight and have her run to greet me - full of enthusiasm and some energy.

Thank you all so much for all your encouragement, both here and privately, over the last few days. Maggie sends a lick and a wag (I didn't know how much I enjoy seeing her tail wag until it was missing).


Kellyw said...


Glad to hear things are looking brighter for you and Maggie - and that she has her "wag" bag.

Thinking of you both

carmel said...

Hi Julie,
Just been catching up about Maggie - glad to see she is up and about again. We need our mates.
Cheers, Carmel xx

Lisa said...

So glad she's feeling better..and that you are too! :) You did have a fun mail day. Yay.

One Crabapple said...

OH Such Good News.
(she said while wiping the lick off...)

How great to get good cheer in the mail.
Such wonderful collage pieces, all three.

Did you make the CHERISH tag ? or did I miss who did that ?

Well I love that robin by Dot !

Julie H said...

Hi Sandy

The Cherish piece is actually the cover of the concertina card - when it is folded closed - isn't Sharynne clever?

Dotee said...

Hi Julie

Am so pleased Maggie has her wag back! And that she greeted you with more energy. She must be feeling a lot better. And I am sure she is loving the bone :)

The concertina card from Sharyanne is gorgeous! And I am glad you received my little Robyn ATC. Creative mail really is the best isn't it?

Hope you have a great weekend.

Lots of love to you, Maggie and the boys xoxox

Holly Stinnett said...

A lovely mail day indeed! Glad to read that Maggie is enjoying her bone. What a sweet girl.