Sunday, October 01, 2006

Creations of the Day

This week has been incredibly busy as I prepared my year 12 class for their mock TEE (next to last exams) and had parent interviews for lower school. It was such a joy to reach the weekend and to begin a few art projects, and to catch up on some sleep. I am sure I will have some art to share before the week is out.

This morning I baked for the first time in, ummmm, years? So here you see lemon tea cake and lemon muffins. My tree has reached its annual peak. I took over a hundred lemons to school on Monday and it was impossible to tell where they had gone from. I am predicting lemon cordial and lemon butter next.


Sulea said...

Julie... can i have the recipe for your lemon tea cake? it looks soooo goooood.. was it yummy? it looks so yummy lol.


Julie H said...

Hi Sulea

It was yummy! My brother and SIL enjoyed it this morning. As it is a one bowl cake I am going make it agin. This is the link:

I replaced half a cup of the white flower with wholemeal and used soy instead of cows milk.

Cheers, Julie

Dotee said...

Oh .....yummmm...I love lemon tea cake and lemon muffins. Am dribbling looking at the photo's of them!

Have been thinking about you a lot this week and thought you may have been head down with your students.

Glad you had some time for art and some time to cook (I haven't baked in years either).

You have inspired me to get out some cook books!

Dotee xoxo

dogfaeriex5 said...

i think i would love your recipe for the lemon cake!! i so love cake(so does my waistline & hips)

One Crabapple said...

ohh you are killing me over here with the foodie pix ! YUM!

I am at work and it is just about That Time......

It won't be the same without one of your Lemon Cakes though !

France said...

Thanks for posting the link to the recipe. That's what I was coming for. Our lemon tree is PATHETIC! But hey, I do what I can ;)