Monday, October 02, 2006

Breaking the Drought!

Yes, I know it was only a week without creating ... it felt like longer. There are 90 one inch tiles here, all made this long weekend, 63 of them are for Dotee's swap. The other's will make some gorgeous cards later tonight or tomorrow. It was such a joy to create in a way which used so many different ideas, textures and colours; and I am so happy to have my inky fingers back.

The cooking bug has still got me and I now have a huge pot of broccoli soup to divide into freezer containers - after a bowl for now. Yumm! I can eat soup all year round.


Dotee said...

Oh Julie, Julie, Julie - your 1" collages are FANTASTIC! As soon as I saw you had posted a picture of them I said ' oh, wow, they are amazing!' to my computer.

I enlarged the picture so I can look at them up close. Each one of them is perfect and so individual. And, don't the colors look so good together!

Love all the faces you have used on several of them! And, those teeny white birds are gorgeous!!!

Every one will be thrilled to see your squares. Me too.

Am so thrilled you took part in this swap. Everything you create is such a treasure (just like you).

You have given me lots of inspiration tonight!

Dotee xoxo

P.S I recognise those gorgeous multicolored buttons:)
P.S Inky fingers are good.
P.P.S Broccoli soup....yummm..

Julie H said...

Thanks so much Dotee, what an encouragement you are. The little tiny white birds are on the beautiful aqua flowers you gave me aswell!

carmel said...

yo Julie, fantastic or what - I love them and am now soooo glad I am in this swap - yet to start mine but now it will be full steam ahead. As Ken would say 'I'm excited' love, Carmel x

Natalie B said...

Julie, my first comment has been eaten!! WOw this is fantastic! So much work has gone into all this tiles. I love them. Can I ask where you got the mask with the red lips and white face from?? Love them. Cheers Nat

Julie H said...

Hi Nat

I bought these from and American e-bay store "Vintage Treasures by Judy". I buy from her quite regularly. Have just put in an order but am happy to order some for you next time if you like. The little brown faces are from her too.

Dotee said...

Thanks Nat for asking that question! I was wondering the same thing about the faces :)
Am now going to check out the ebay store Jule (you find the best things).

Dotee said...

I meant Julie not Jule !

One Crabapple said...

GAwd Broccoli Soup sounds good !

The collection of one inch art is amazing. I love seeing them all together this way. So fun and enlarging the photo and pouring over them is like a treasure hunt.

Great way to end the drought !

Holly Stinnett said...

fun fun fun!! Now I'm regretting that I didn't play in this swap. Oh well, next time. Beautiful work. :)