Sunday, October 15, 2006

Bird Musings

This ATC, and I am sure much more to come, was created using stamps from The Green Pepper Press - Wayward collection.

I have recently bought four sheets of these amazing stamps and one set features crows. Which got me thinking ...

As a child I briefly had a pet magpie, a baby who had fallen from a tree, and needed our help to survive. He was a meat eater - so we were told, and with much reluctance I would touch fresh raw mince and break it up for him. I would spend hours stroking his glossy black head. He grew up, got better and my Dad held my hand - to give me strength - to let him leave home, I never forgot. Thirty years on, I no longer imagine he is sitting on the power lines above me ... But his offspring could be, couldn't they?

To this day if I have left over chips at the park I want every seagull to have an equal share - an impossible task.

My neighbours are bird lovers and have all different types of foods for each variety of bird that enters their garden. They have a cage full of pet canaries. And yet, if my friend the magpie, the hungry seagull, or the glossy black crow dare enter the garden they are chased off, with water pistols, broomsticks and shouts. Yep, I know they are scavengers, I know they eat meat, and rotten stuff too - but I have a sneaky feeling that if birds have feelings - there is little difference between those of a crow and those of a cockatoo.


Natalie B said...

Love these stamps! Great ATC, looks fab! Cheers Nat

Dotee said...

Great ATC Julie. The stamping looks very effective(love the colors). Loved your story about your pet magpie too. My dad used to feed several magpies (and raw mince too) and they were very tame. Loved to hear their warble hello(there is something so Australian about that sound isn't there?).
And yes, if birds have feelings there is no difference between those of a crown and a cockatoo(well put).
I love all birds.

Anonymous said...

i so love these stamps!! thanks for the tip, i am going to puchase them and what is funny, is several other blogs i read have been using them also!! great minds think alike!!

One Crabapple said...

Actually Julie there are studies done by a man Bernd might already know of him ? his books on ravens are so interesting ! he has studied and raised and healed many a raven and his findings are really fascinating...He has a few books out that you might enjoy. I have no doubt by what he has revealed in his experiments and history with his ravens that your raven did indeed stay around after you nursed it back to health. I have forgotten how long they live....but it seems to me that they did live to ripe old ages.

ahem:::: of course that was still quite a little while ago I realize....But ! who knows ! those magic birds !

I love your stamps and this card is so great. I have not been to Green Pepper in a long time...looks like maybe I should drop by for a visit on the stamping ! These are definitely making me drool for longing ... I love the way you did this with the text in the background and then across the body of the raven .