Sunday, October 29, 2006

Letting Go ...


Life is a cycle of letting go:

  • Letting go of fears
  • Letting go of expectations of others, and self
  • Letting go of old dreams
  • Letting go of stale and draining relationships
  • Letting go of time ...

I am learning to let go, because often what replaces the old is something surprising, warming and life affirming. And, I seem to be programmed to hold on ...


Me said...

Oh - that collage is the most fabulous...I love it...I really do.

Letting go of expectations is huge. It is such and incredible way to improve your relationship with someone.

SombraKnight said...

Sometimes a person wonders if they make a difference to others, to strangers... Your beautiful words have made a difference to me.
Your collage is lovely.
Thank you.

Janet said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I'm so glad you did because I found yours. I think letting go is good. It also means you're making room for new things to come your way.

I like the collage. It looks very textural.

Lisa (oceandreamer) said...

thank you for visiting my blog and now I have to say "where have I been?"...I'd seen you comment on others before and MEANT to come I am so glad I did. I love your art and I especially like this post...letting go can be so very hard for so many reasons.
I am bookmarking you my dear and will return!!
So nice to finally "meet" you!

Dotee said...

Hi Julie

Am glad you expressed how you are feeling. Letting go is so important (and can be so hard too).

I think a lot of us are programmed to hold on and it is the holding on that can stop new things entering our lives. So glad that what is replacing the old is life affirming (I like how you wrote that).

You always write to beautifully and express your feelings well.

And I love this ATC. Want to reach out and touch it.

Hugs and much love to you.

Dotee xoxo