Sunday, October 22, 2006

22 October

I confess I could not think of a title for this post and decided that is was because today is an average day.

The ATC's are for the latest Scrapbook Designs Swap
and while they are not my most creative, they are the most gorgeous colours that I simply can not photograph or scan accurately, I am pretty certain that is because there is a mix of matt and glossy papers.

The post cards were for 'Be Happy Day' in my year 9 class. Rather than end of term parties we have a day to celebrate our year to date and to plan a little. There is lots of food, secret friends gifts and I usually make cards. This year postcards were the go. It was fun, I so enjoy relaxing with the kids.

Today is overcast and gloomy, a perfect craft day - or snooze with a book day. But work calls and I have been long enough on this break.
Have a wonderful week.

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Dotee said...

Hi Julie
I love the ATC's you have created for the Scrapbook Designs swap. The papers look lovely.

And I would love to take a close look at the postcards you made for your classes Be Happy day but blogger won't let me enlarge it.
Your students must love having you for a teacher! The Be Happy day sounds like it would be a very special event.

Hope you got through your work ok.

Much love

Dotee xoxo