Thursday, May 03, 2007

A visitor made me clucky.

On a wet and cold afternoon, as Maggie and I trudged over a large granite rock, we met Emily. We knew this was Emily because her heart shaped tag said so. We knew she was loved - the pink diamante collar with two heart tags was a give-away. We also knew all was not right in Emily's world - she was alone.
After standing huddled together in the drizzle for some time, calling for Emily's Mum, we decided to go home and phone her. Emily came happily and settled down quickly with one of Maggie's old bones. Then we hit a snag - an answering machine - not a doggy Mum. And so Emily got ready to spend the night - Maggie encouraged her through the flea treatment I deem essential for overnight guests who wish to sleep inside, blankets were laid in a basket and Phantom moved to the right of the mat in front of the fire - creating room for one little beagle with a very active nose.
There began three days of surprises. Emily sniffed a lot! She would need at least another week to finish following trails in my little house. Phantom loved her. Maggie was OK about her, and Charles my warrior, was terrified - perhaps because she ignored him. You can see Hamish's reaction below - just have to kiss that squishy face (BTW do you see the pillow - came, purred, conquered?) ...
And then this morning, the call, Emily's Mum was home and a happy reunion occurred soon after.
I am now clucky, I realised it is 2 1/2 years since we rescued Phantom, Hamish and Charles came as 5 week old kittens - over four years ago, and Maggie was a pup a decade ago. Umm ... will we give in?


Anonymous said...

Hi Julie, what a good foster mum you have been, I did the same for a little silkie terrier a while ago when we had a bad storm, I just hope that if ever one of our beloved pets was in need of some help that the same care would be given to them. I'm sure you could squeeze just one more in! Take care and stay creative from Charmaine xx

LisaOceandreamer said...

How very lucky Emily was that you came along. Although I am sure she missed her home I can bet she felt quite comfortable being in yours. You have a good heart Julie. Look at that love bug Hamish, my heart melted. My Daisy sleeps like that, it's a sign of contentment!

Doreen G said...

Now that's what I call one big happy contented cat Julie and why wouldn't he be when he lives with you.

Natalie B said...

We used to have a beagle and he was the most beautiful doggie... We lost him before we left the farm and we still haven't got over his loss. Emma still cries sometimes when she thinks of him. They are sniffers alright. But that's what we loved about him. That and they eat a lot!! If allowed to of course.

Ev said...

Oh I am so in love with Hamish...he has got the sweetest face I have seen in a long long time. A beautiful cat and he knows it too. I think I need another animal in our family again - it has taken a long time to get over my big babys loss.

cheeky said...

That wee beagle is soo cute. I am an avid lover of animals, and hence the word SUCKER is tattooed across my forehead; ok not really but you know what I mean?
I never let an animal go if I see they are lost. My heart melts.
Nice that your brood managed with the house guest.
Where was the owner for 3 days? I am curious.

kelsey said...

They say you can tell a lot about a person by how they treat their animals....well Julie, you are a truly wonderful person, so kind & generous to the fur babies of the world. Be careful, word will spread in the animal domain about a great little "hotel" for a short visit with a nice lady with much-loved residents ;-)

Dotee said...

What a lovely story Julie. My heart felt so warm as I read your words. And full of love for you.

I agree with Kelsey that you can tell a lot about a person by the way they treat animals. And you my friend are very loving and kind. Don't think it was by chance that Emily crossed your path.

You looked after her so tenderly. I am sure she felt very safe and loved in your care.

I laughed at the reactions of your other furbabies. And I LOVE the photo of handsome Mr Hamish. I want to smooch him!! I think if I saw him in the flesh Mr RonnieBear would have some serious competition for my affections!

Love you very much

Dotee xoxoxo

dogfaeriex5 said...

oh julie~
what a wonderful rescue you did!
st francis was smiling down on you my friend.....
this is a beautiful post...

One Crabapple said...

ohhh What a Sweet Sweet Story. And HAMISH THE BIG HAM is soooo incredibly wonderful. That takes the cake - that picture on that pillow that way.

Yes please DO kiss that squishy face for me ! and the tummy too !!!

Well , I am happy for Emily and her Mum.

You were such a good babysitter to do the flea treatment and Maggie such a good soldier to share her home and her family this way !

You are brave to even THINK of adopting another....

But certainly this house seems be overflowing with The why not ?
Hopefully you will keep me posted !
xo- S