Thursday, May 10, 2007

Meet Archer

The rather adorable Archer is the latest furry 'H'. Archer thinks his name is Woofy so for a little while he will be called Woofy Archer. This little man is 11 months old and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. After having Emily to visit I had decided to put my name down at the pound and shelters around WA for if a CKCS or KCCS came in . And then, a serendipitous miracle. A friend mentioned that her daughter -in -law had paid $650 for Woofy as a pup and found that she did not have time to train him, he was living outside and while loved was not well looked after. They had hoped to find an owner for him 'like Julie' - not knowing ...
Tonight Archer came to stay. You will notice he got an ear trim quickly - I didn't mind the food attached too much, but when he sniffed Maggie's droppings ... The lovely little man found his bed quickly, eats well and seems to like Maggie, who is rather indifferent to him. That is except when Archer barked at Charles and then Miss M gave him a rather loud telling off.
I imagine the next few weeks will be quite intense as Archer is house trained and cat trained (the two priorities) while giving Maggie girl all the extra time she will need. But, oh it feels so good and so right.


Jane P said...

Congrats on the new arrival...Woofy is beautiful

Natalie B said...

Archer is just adorable!! How lucky you are to have another beautiful boy join your family and how lucky he is to join such a loving family!!

Ev said...

you have a big heart Julie...Woofy is lovely. I have made moves now to get a special little man in our lives too (though to get what I want I may have to wait till the end of the year) When it is time, and you truly are ready, something will always turn up just like your little man did. I am a great believer in that, you were more than ready. I just have to wait a bit.

Dotee said...

Timing is every thing isn't it? I love how Woofy Archer came into your life. And the serendipity that accompanied him. He looks like a beautiful dog and I know he will bring you many years of joy.

And boy has HE hit the jackpot with you. What a blessed boy to be part of your life. He will thrive in your care.

I know when I adopted Ms. Esmeralda last June the timing was just right and she was at the shelter on the very weekend I ' knew' Ronnie and I were to have a new member of our family. She brings so much love to my life.

As little soon to be Archer (great name choice) will too.

I am beaming from ear to ear reading this post..

Love you

Dotee xoxo

Judy said...

Woohoo for you Julie. How cute. So happy for you. :)

Holly Stinnett said...

Julie... congratulations on your new addition!! Dot just emailed me and told me to pop over to your blog as she knows how much I love doggies. Well, I have to say that this breed is in my all-time top five favorites. I have been a fan for years and years of this elegant, colorful and royal dog. And how wonderful that you rescued him. I've heard around here (in Los Angeles) they go up to $2,000 a dog. I would NEVER do anything but rescue, but some people will pay that.

Anyway, I'm so happy for you and look forward to many, many more photos and postings. Yippeeee!


Anonymous said...

Oh Julie, when ever I'm down I can count on your blog to lift my spirits, you have a warm heart and "woofy-Archer" will be so happy with your family. I keep giving my boys big hugs as I know we are off soon, they know some thing is up,I can't wait for the greeting I'll receive when we return :-) love Charmaine xxx

Ro Bruhn said...

We've always had two dogs, they keep each other company and tend not to get into so much mischief when you're not there, there are always exceptions though.

LisaOceandreamer said...

You are such a special completely serendipitous that your search and Archer's needs found one another. Your household is bustling with 4 legged love! He's adorable!