Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A piece of home.

You may remember I took some photo's on a day trip to my parents farm, the charms in this necklace were made by altering one of them. I actually took the photo of this tree while lying almost flat on my back on the straggly grass. It had been drizzling and I could only lean on one elbow as I was avoiding cow pats. The lengths we go to for art ...

While the perfectionist within is still not completely happy with my soldering I did wear this necklace today. I wore it with a woolly jumper and it did not catch at all so I guess it is not too bad.

For those of you in need of a giggle I have kindly provided another, I am a dill, moment. As the washing whirled around inside my front loader, on the weekend I heard some clunking. I was too busy looking for the phone to check out the noise. Result: I have learnt that cordless phones, no matter how well bundled up in bedding, do not like to be put through a full cotton cycle with hot water. As to other temperatures and milder washes - you will have to check for yourselves, I am off to buy a new phone.


Dawnie said...

What a beautiful, beautiful piece J.Even more special as you shot this picture yourself.Gotta love a tree and this scene is such a ripper.You sure do have 'the touch' for wearable art.
Love it and youve made me laugh about your phone.
ME xxx

LisaOceandreamer said...

Julie this is AMAZING, I mean seriously amazing! Is there nothing you can't do my friend? Is that glass covering the photo?

Your phone story gave me a definite chuckle....your washing had a "ring" to it. LOL!!


Arty Lady's blog said...

This is gorgeous, and the tree is really lovely. You have done a fantastic job with this necklace. Congrats.

You misadventure with the phone seems like something I would do!

Natalie B said...

Hi Julie, thanks for sharing your phone incident. It brightened my morning for sure...lol.

Love all of your jewellery and this piece is no exception. Even more special because it has a piece of your history on it.

kelsey said...

Really love this piece Julie, the tree looks just so gorgeous and the fact that it's YOUR photo makes it even more special! Gorgeous!

Maybe you should buy your new phone a wet-suit??? lol

Dotee said...

Julie - this is an AMAZING piece of art. And even more special because you took the photo yourself.

I hope I get to see it up close at camp. Am loving seeing your jewelry art develop and develop. You have found your niche! (or one of them).

Must admit I giggled at the thought of the cordless phone in the washing machine. And laughed at Kelsey's phone wet suit idea!

That is exactly the type of thing I do. My mum shared a funny story with me over the weekend. She was ill with a virus which made her a bit fuzzy in the head. And she hopped into the shower one day, complete with knickers and didn't realise until she got out. MMMMM methinks I might do similar things in my 70's!.

Love to you , Maggie and the boys.

Dotee xoxo

Steph said...

The necklace is beautiful !
And awwwwwwwwwww for the phone !
It's a real 'don't try this at home' story lol

Jane P said...

Julie, just love this piece, and yes, I hope to see it in the flesh. Love the phone incident... how things make us come back to earth even though our arty heads are in the clouds!!!!!

Ro Bruhn said...

This is another fabulous piece of jewellery Julie.
I love the photo images, it's beautiful.
Don't throw away the phone, I took one apart and there were some great bits for Assembaaaaages.


Deb Lewis said...

This is such a beautiful necklace! Am glad you took the time to lay down amongst those cowpies to capture the moment - lol! The phone story is cracking me up... a great laugh for the day :0) Deb

Sulea said...

Such beautiful jewellery!!! you really have an amazing gift for making gorgeous charms and necklaces.. would love to see these in person at camp! :o) had to giggle at your phone episode! do you know... i found my hammer in the dishwasher one day? Someone had used MY HAMMER on the car and then decided to give it a thorough clean in the dishwasher... i have rust marks to prove it lol.

Gunnels blog said...

Your jewellery are so beautiful!

Megan Pickwell said...

What a gorgeous piece of jewelery Julie - It looks divine.
As for the phone story, at least yo can use the pieces for a deMengesque piece!

wa_wookie said...

Oh Julie you have made my day... I really needed that giggle thank you (and your little phone!) Your jewellery is just gorgeous and I can't wait to catch up with you at camp - only 7 sleeps to go and counting!

Judy said...

Lol - love the phone story, reminds me of my son and the countless mobile phones that he has ended up diving into the harbour with (did not think that was so funny at the time though). Your tree piece is stunning.