Saturday, May 26, 2007

Looking Forward

Six more sleeps and I will be off to art camp - Yippee! Camp is at Busselton at an old camp site by the sea and last year it changed my life. At camp I put faces to the names of women I had traded art with for years, women I admire so-so much, Kelsey, Dotee, Jane, Shirley, Ev, the bestest roomie - Nikki,Elaine, Carmel and so, so many more talented and wonderful ladies. Not to forget our very talented, warm and real camp Mum, Sally.
I met Dawn for the first time, we shared camp through the fog of terrible colds, and yet this little lady lit a fire within me and changed my path. I was terribly embarrassed when Dawn introduced me to people saying, "This is THE Julie H- - - - ". And yet for the very first time I realised that other people might appreciate my art, for six years I had swapped art, but created for me, never imagining others saw value in what I did, or who I was as an artist. That confidence has led to me exploring so many new art forms and styles, to starting this blog and to meeting so many more wonderful people.
Sulea is going to camp and I will meet her for the first time!
Maggie is going to my friend G's, Archer is going to my brother and his family's and the boys (doesn't sound right when there are just two) will stay home with a carer visiting twice a day. My wonderful friend Rae gave Maggie this Garfield years ago - Archer "borrowed' him from Maggie's bed and has yet to return the toy.


Dotee said...

Like you I am SO looking forward to camp this year my friend.
It is hard to believe that 12 months ago I had never met you. Or the other wonderful women who went to camp.

When I met you I was excited to meet such a talented artist. Not knowing that you would be someone I would love as a friend and admire for many other reasons. That I would feel such a strong affinity with you.

And like you the camp changed my life. Giving me the confidence to try new things whilst building special friendship along the way. You have played a big part in my belief in my art. And in myself. You have made a difference to my life in many ways dear friend.

Am sure this camp will be just as inspirational for us all. And fun too!

Are you taking the wonderful items in the photo to camp? Hope so! As soon as I saw the photo I said ' Oh wow' to the screen. And wanted to see them up close.

Glad you have arrangements sorted for your furbabies. I can understand you feeling strange (and sad) when you say 'boys' now. Without your beautiful Hamish.

Love the photo of Archer and Garfield. He looks quite at home (who said kitties and dogs can't get on?).

See you very soon. Jacky and I are flying out on Monday. And driving down to Dunsborough on Monday afternoon....can't wait to be in my jammies drinking Western Australian wine!

Love you xoxoxo

Judy said...

Shiiiiiiiiiiit why are all the camps and workshops always in Perth. Crying over here!!!

Dawnie said...

There are those days that you meet some people, and immediatley you know they are a keeper.
You are such an inspiration miss Julie and I love what you share of yourself.

How cutie-pie is Archer and who doesnt love garfield.He does look settled and loved.

Six sleeps till camp

ME xxx

Arty Lady's blog said...

Oh, this sounds like so much fun - I want to be there and meet you lovely creative ladies.


Natalie B said...

Such a cute pic of Archer! Have fun at camp and can't wait to see the pics of works created there.

Hugs to you Nat

Lisa said...

I am playing blogger catchup today. As always, you have so many beautiful new pieces of art to drool over. I am in love with your necklace with your own altered photo. Wonderful!!

Your phone story made me laugh. That is, for sure, something I would do. lol