Thursday, May 31, 2007

Full Days

I seem to have spent this week's art time preparing for art. I finished cutting out the pages for an altered book round robin, made some charms to turn into jewellery and designed some charms for a swap. I know this weekend will see some projects complete - and I pick up my new camera tomorrow. I do hope I get to know it quickly. I am so excited and blessed to be going to art camp with my good friend K and to have so many wonderful art buddies to catch up with.

Speaking of getting to know each other (well we were a moment ago, weren't we?), isn't this adorable. Phantom and Archer both asleep in front of the fire. Phantom is clearly bigger when they stand up, and weighs more!


lklight said...

Oh, what sweeties..who's who?

Kristi K. said...

Hi. I happened upon your blog from Misty Mawn, which I happened upon from a random blog search. Some of my regular blogger friends were not posting this week, so I got bored, and started perusing the rest of the blogger world.

I just wanted to say you have a lovely blog, and I always enjoy reading the blog of a fellow believer AND animal lover. ;)

Hope you have a great weekend!

jessica said...

oh they are sweet.

Janine said...

Gorgeous photo Julie!