Sunday, May 06, 2007

Managing Time

These are some bookmarks I made recently, I made a couple for Mother's Day to go with book vouchers as both the Mum's I buy for are in the process of moving house. I seem to have quite a few 'practice' charms that I will not make up into jewellery but do not want to waste. The first is a soldered page pebble, the second two 'beaten' book plates riveted together.
My head continues to buzz with creative ideas and yet time is finite and I must manage it - without beating myself up. A couple of times lately I have decided there is too much to do - so I won't do anything on 'the list' and have instead thrown myself across the bed with a good book, bliss. Today the sun was shining so brightly, after forecast rain, and I HAD to spend an hour in the garden, then catch up with some friends who live just out of town; far enough that the air is clean and quiet and the sun makes the damp earth give off it's own aroma.
Enjoy your week friends.


Anonymous said...

How beautiful your book marks are and what a good idea to use your practice charms. It sounds as though you are enjoying being you and that can only be a good thing, so rejoice in the contentment and continue to be be YOU! lots of love from Charmaine xx

Natalie B said...

Hi Julie. Gorgeous gifts for both of your 'mums'. Such a great idea to make bookmarks and a voucher to go with them. Sounds like your day was fabulous!! Cheers Nat

Ro Bruhn said...

More lovely stuff Julie, what a great idea.

Natalie Wolfe said...

Great gift idea - and I love them!! Love all your art. Have you caved in and got a puppy yet?

Judy said...

Wowee just love the round birdy one - so special - yes time and creating - i know it's so hard sometimes. Anyway great stuff as always.

Dotee said...

These bookmarks are a lovely idea Julie! I love the birdy one. It is just beautiful.

Glad you spent some time in your garden and then out with friends. I did a happy sigh thinking of you in clean air and standing on beautiful earth.

Anonymous said...

Julie, I like the bookmarks, I'm in love with soldering. Things just don't look the same around the house anymore, always looking for something to solder.

We seem to be playing Blog-Tag. Please email me your address to I will give you my mailing address and also the lowdown on the postage!

Dotee said...

Jus popping in to say I love and to give you a squeezy hug. Not long until I can hug you in person!

jessica said...

what beautiful pieces. what talent.

One Crabapple said...

mmm Sounds Heavenly indeed Aussie Girl

Glad you are being good to yourself.

You are definitely being Good to the Mum's !

The bookmarks are like treasures ! Gosh, they are little works of art - like jewelry. I wonder that I would use it for a BOOK MARK ? no way ! I might lose it.

Anyway, Lucky Moms ! And wonderful work !


Doreen G said...

Sorry Julie but I have just tagged you.