Saturday, July 28, 2007

Mixed Media - Oh Yes!

This bracelet is another piece in my Under the Sea collection. I found it interesting that so many commented on the Earthy colours of the previous pieces – understandable when I have been showing you so many pictures of blue oceans. I am not really sure why my Under the Sea pieces are green and gold, more like the sun glinting through water in a river bed. Either way I am having fun creating and they seem to be coming from within – so I will let my muse have free reign.

This is my new toy – the Clover needle felter (thanks to Jacky for putting me onto this). I thought I was just testing different fibres and fabric on a scrap of felt – but they looked so nice together I added beads and made a bookmark. I can see myself having a lot of fun with this one.
The journal was a gift for the talented and beautiful Sandy, and has reached its home safely. I used the Collections chipboard houses for covers and cut my own pages.
My desk still has three partially completed projects on it so hopefully I will get time to complete at least one more this weekend. For now the sun is shining, I can hear native birds from the front of my house, my neighbours canaries from the back and the outdoors calling me. Can you hear it?


Jacky said...

Julie love your felted piece... the little clover felter is SUCH fun!!!
Your house journal looks fantastic, lovely gift for a friend to put their thoughts/art on paper.
AND you jewellery...beautiful and inspirational as ever.

sammy said...

Julie, I just wanted you to know I always have such a nice time when I visit your blog... You are so refreshing! Love your felted piece and your house journal is awesome!

Natalie B said...

Wow so gorgeous Julie. Love the bracelet and the house/booklet is an awesome idea. Hugs to you. Nat

Ro Bruhn said...

More great work Julie, I love the bracelet, you have a complete colour range now.
I can't wait to see what you've created in my book.

Ev said...

Julie your work always inspires me. I do love your under the sea collection, the colours surprisingly "talk" to me, surprising as they aren't what I would normally be drawn to - isn't the little felter fantastic - I am working with a block of foam and would love to try the brush to see if it is easier/better/just the same.

Dot said...

Gorgeous work Julie. Love the bracelet. The colors are so warm and it looks like it would be beautiful to touch.

Looks like you have been having fun with the little felting tool too! The book mark is lovely.

And Sandy mentioned she had received some wonderful art from you. LOVE what you have done with the Collections Houses (what a clever idea).

By the way I saw my niece Phoebe over the weekend. And she was admiring (in detail) the bracelet you made for me. She was particularly interested in the mica with the egg transfer and said you were very clever (and I agreed!)

One Crabapple said...

I love my journal and necklace ( and card !) sooo much Julie. Completely beautiful and amazing. I am overwhelmed and carrying the journal with me.

The necklace and journal both say VOLUMES about your creativity and talent. And How Amazing You Are...

Thank You So Much. I am not quite sure I deserve such treasures. But I am in love with them.

You are Wonderful to give them to me.

Love Always, S.

Ps. I am enjoying Your Love Affair with the sea too!
And I have so often wondered about that needle felting....looks great ! I wonder where that will take You ???? Many beautiful things yet for us to see I would imagine !

Betzie said...

Nice to visit here do lovely work and I will have to stop by more often.

Judy said...

Yummy. The house journal look awesome - love the inks you have used on the words - the colours are so nice.

LisaOceandreamer said...

Girl you have SO much talent, with each and every new creation I think "she should be teaching this". I've watched this whole evolution happen with the things you create...everything is always stunning!
The necklace and journal you sent Sandy are you are with your loving and generous heart!
and yes, we must do a swap again soon!

One Crabapple said...

Hey there is my pretty little journal staring back at me again ! and the funny thing is it is right in my purse at my elbow as I write this...!

I do love it. I keep it with me !