Sunday, July 08, 2007

Four Seasons in One Day

That's home. We set off to walk the boardwalk today; a beautiful walk around Albany's coast from a popular beach back to the port. The sun was shining, swallows were diving through the air, kids were playing in the playground and all was light and bright.
The sun came and went at regular intervals as clouds flew across in front of it, and I threw my head back and smiled. Little Archer was pulling me along, head down focused on each new scent, I was glorying in the sea, the sun and the freedom.
I met several friends to chat with and unlike the Port, which was full of Maggie memories, this was a new day, an Archer day. Maggie did not like the busyness of this walk and we had not walked here more than once or twice in the dim and distant past.
The contrast between lush lawn as we set off and green foliage with these weather beaten trees was a thing of beauty in itself. Shall I tell you a secret? This was my favourite view of all, the waves crashing; the rocks that have been washed too may times to count and the skeleton trees.

All of these photos were taken as we headed out on our walk, we were just over half an hour from the car park when I realised we were about to get wet, and very wet. Just ten minutes form the car the rain began in earnest as porridge bowl clouds loomed overhead. Within minutes we could not see more than a couple of metres in front of us. I tucked the camera down my shirt and ducked my head - as Archer raised his and raced directly into the weather.


LisaOceandreamer said...

I am so genuinely envious of the places you have to walk so close to home. Most especially as it's by the sea. It's nice you were able to have an Archer walk, a sort of new tradition....I can picture him sniffing along the way, head down. Don't you just want to say "But Archer LOOK, it's the sea...look at those waves." lol!
You did have several seasons in one day didn't you? Thanks for sharing your walk!

Doreen G said...

A beautiful story Julie I love reading them -If the photos weren't there I would still be able to picture them in my mind.

Ev said...

would have loved to have been there with you - rain and all...I used to love walks like that when I was in Scotland with my very first lab - we just don't have those kinds of coasts up here within easy driving..Oh and I have just got to say that I simply love that bookmark - it gives me a great deal of pleasure when reading my book to hear it tinkle happily...funny how something so small can make such a huge difference to my day - thank you.

Dot said...

What a lovely post Julie. I am enjoying reading about your new adventures with Archer.

And the photo's are magnificent. Such a beautiful part of the world..

Dawnie said...

My kind-of day miss Julie. Wonderful photography and I cant wait to see it all in person.
How blessed you are to live in such a beautiful place.

thankyou for sharing

Dawnie xxx