Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Does Your Cat Have A Hammock? And Other Less Amusing Stories.

Yesterday I walked Archer and Pipey (more about our visitor in a later post) along the port. The tide was out and the water perfectly still with clear reflections of jetty pylons, boats and clouds. I let Archer off to play – he ran and ran. This is not as joyous as it sounds, but rather an indicator that I have not trained him to come every time I call.
His antics drew my attention to an old tyre on the edge of the water. A seagull was repeatedly taking off and then bouncing back, clearly it was either held by some hidden elastic or was the first bungy jumping bird. Pipey was hurriedly tied to a post and I set off through sludge, seaweed and wet sand towards this bird. I found one poor seagull bound in knots to the tyre and the second one another meter or so down the fishing line – the one I had seen. Each time he attempted to fly away he bound the first seagull even tighter.
I was able to untie the first bird and it flew away. The second bird was in a bad way. As I was struggling to bring Archer, the bird and the tyre to the shore a gorgeous ex-student appeared like an angel in her perfect white denims – holding a blunt but much appreciated fishing knife and helped cut the bird from the tyre, before taking off with her friends. We set off for my car 50 metres away, me, two dogs, a water bottle, bag of poop (don’t ask) and a very sad seagull - who seemed to get some relief from holding tightly to my finger with his beak.
Much to my surprise when I had cut all the fishing line away the little bird was stiff but able to stand and half an hour later to walk. He stretched his wings (rubbed raw from the line in places) and hopefully later he would fly.
I went home feeling a little sad about what humans do to animals both directly and indirectly.
As I got washing in Archer chewed two of Maggie’s old bones on the lawn, our visiting friend hid from the camera, Charles came to sit on the deck and Phantom surveyed the world from the comfort of his hammock. It brought a warmth and joy to my heart to be surrounded by four well loved animals.


Ro Bruhn said...

How lucky were the two seagulls that someone caring like you Julie was around just when they needed help, who knows how long they'd have been there and what would have happened if you hadn't been passing by. You are so lucky to be able to take walks along the beach each evening, I love the sea, it's so energizing and feeds the soul.

Anonymous said...

Julie you are a God send to these creatures in need and just like you thought your ex-student was an Angel, I'm sure all the animals you help must look upon you as they're guardian Angel. I just love the photo of Phantom he looks like he's on a flying carpet. Keep your beautiful soul, from Charmaine xxxx

Janet said...

How lucky for the seagulls that you came along when you did. I never understand the cruelty of people both to animals and to other humans. When we hurt another living thing, we're also hurting ourselves. Thank goodness there are still loving people like you in this world.

I absolutely love the photo of your cat in the hammock! And I thought my two were spoiled!!

Dot said...

I am so pleased that you came along the poor seagulls when you did and freed them. Like Janet I can never understand cruelty to animals (or humans too). So sad that there are some people that take pleasure in causing harm. Reading that someone had done that to the seagulls made me very upset.

Years ago I did some voluntary work in an animal shelter and one poor kitty came in with fishing twine wrapped tightly around her body. Luckily she was adopted by a wonderful person and ended up in a very loving home. All of the volunteers were in tears over her brave little soul. That triumphed in adversity.

You are an angel Julie. Your furbabies are so blessed to be in your care. I loved the photos of Archer, Phantom and Charles. And clapped my hands with delight at the photo of Phantom in his hammock. That is one of the best animal photo's I have seen!

LisaOceandreamer said...

This just proves the kind of person I already knew you were. I venture to say the seagulls are telling their friends of your heroism many times over.
I cannot fathom how cruel people can be to animals, you just have to wonder how they are with humans as well.
Your animals are SO lucky to have you for their mom. AND that cat picture is AMAZING!

dogfaeriex5 said...

this post made me tear up..thank st francis for guiding you to these are the angel..