Friday, July 06, 2007

Winter Freedom

I was saying to Sandy, this week, that I felt like I was being towed along this term ... dragged unwillingly behind some large earth moving vehicle perhaps. It was a clear sunny afternoon when school ended for the winter holidays, a quick glass of water and Archer and I headed out. I left my hair down and did not change out of my skirt the port was calling. This was Archers first visit to the port and he loved it, as Maggie did. Our port is a blend of grain and woodchip export, pleasure catermans, fishing, beaches and rocks. This is the port that all Australian and New Zealand servicemen left from to fight in World War I. It is right in town, close and beautiful.
This pigeon posed prettily above one of the whale watching businesses, he seemed to share my joy. Oblivious to the poop and rust around him he gloried in the sunshine.
These two had quite a chat as they posed for us, and yes, they both have two legs - clever girl is practicing her ballet.
This little fellow was watching a couple of fishermen hoping for an easy catch.
Look at this seabird glorying in the last warm rays of the day. Is he simply drying out or offering a prayer of thanks for the warmth? Perhaps a little of both and pinch of posing thrown in.

Too, too cute as he runs through the water. Archer found so many things to sniff, played with two other dogs, climbed on the rocks and braved the jetty with the water lapping gently below the boards.


Ro Bruhn said...

What a lovely part of the world you live in, it must be wonderful to go down to the beach whenever you feel the urge. I go to the beach in my lunch break at work but I'm restricted to 45mins. after work I head home for the hills.

Karen Cole said...

Lovely photos Julie.

LisaOceandreamer said...

How nice you have this so close to home and I'll just bet this will be Archer's new favorite thing to do! He looks so cute running along the waters edge. Great photos - I'm sure it felt good for both of you!

Kris Henderson said...

Your photos are magnificent!

Natalie B said...

Julie I must find out the type of camera you have!! What great/fabulous pics. I love Archer he is so cute. WHat breed of dog is he? We are getting a new addition to our family in 7 weeks, can't wait. She is beautiful and we've named her Rosie.

Albany is such a beautiful place, no wonder you love living there so much :-)

kelsey said...

The Port at Albany is truly one of the eye-catching features of the you say, right in town! I've been to Albany many times over the years but every time, we still go to check out the water. Great pics Julie!

Dot said...

Oh,what beautiful photo's Julie! I felt transported to your part of the world when I started to read your post. And see the lovely photo's. You live in such a special part of the world. A part I want to visit one day.

I love the photo's of Archer. He looks SO happy! Little love, enjoying exploring new vistas.
You are a wonderful photgrapher and story teller.

And...I love you!!!

Dotee xoxo

Anonymous said...

Julie, Your photos are so inspiring. Thank you for sharing your talent. Ethel