Sunday, July 15, 2007

Cosy Corner

I took Archer and Pipey to Cosy Corner for a couple of hours today, just 25km (15 miles) from town this 'animal exercise' beach is beautiful in its own right - and unlike other animal beaches is rarely crowded and there are no 'woopsies' in the sand. It was another changeable day today so we only walked 30 minutes out from the car and I had plenty of time to snap pictures as the dogs played. Archer simply resonates joy in this first picture.
While the beach may look a little a barren there were beautiful views both out to sea, and down at my feet.
This little angel is Pipey, and 11+ year old wire haired terrier. She was adopted by friends of mine a few weeks ago and her hair was all matted and knotted so she has been clipped closely. Pipey's new family had already planned an interstate trip we are lucky to have her stay for the fortnight. Archer and Pipey roll, chase and play all day. Pipey is very camera shy and actually runs from the camera, I thought it was the flash but she is the same outside - I wonder what she is afraid of. She is such a sweet, sweet girl and craves love.
As we walked the waves crashed and thundered on the rocks, Archer chased the water and was so surprised when it turned back around and chased him.
I wonder what Archer was thinking here?


Anonymous said...

Julie these pictures really made my heart smile, Archer is so full of joy and little Pipey must feel really blessed to be having a visit with you and your fur babies. It's beautiful how you can see such wonder in every day things like sea weed, never loose your sprited look on life, take care from Charmaine :-)

Steph said...

Beautiful pics ! Archer is soooo cute when he's running !

Natalie B said...

Such lovely pictures Julie :-) Love that you find teh beauty in such ordinary every day things :-)

Janet said...

The pictures just exude joy and playfulness. I love the beach and don't seem to get there often enough but at least I can enjoy your beach! The dogs look as if they're having the time of their life running and playing in the fresh air. Pipey is lucky to have a new family and good friends.

Dot said...

Archer looks SO happy in his photo's. He must think all of his christmases have come at once now he lives with you. What adventures you are taking him on! Pipey looks like a lovely dog. Very glad your friends adopted her. And that she is looking better and no doubt feeling better. Poor little darling being frightening by the camera. Am sure she will get used to it in time.

You really are the Queen of furbabies. Spreading your love to animals near and far (and love to your blessed friends too).

Ronnie waves a paw hello!

jessica said...

wha a cute picture of archer....what was he thinking.

nice beach finds.

dogfaeriex5 said...

darling little furbabies having a blast on the beach with each other....thankyou for making me smile..