Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Lemons, Jewellery, Bargains and Lemons

This sterling silver necklace will wing its way to an overseas friend very soon. I love the little box on the bottom, perfect for a lock of hair, favourite verse or emergency panadol - well I am a practical girl.
Look at these keys, 15c each at my local second hand store and already rusty - poor Graham (the owner) is still shaking his head over the fact I won't look in his shiny key box.
Now to the lemons ... I realised recently that I have been blogging over a year and that about this time last year I introduced the lemon tree. My lemon tree is psycho! It has reverted to root stock and has thorns 2 inches long - they always make me think of the crucifiction - the cats won't climb the tree and birds do not play in it. However it has lemons 10 months of the year, and for about six of those there are more lemons than leaves. I pick a hundred at a time and give them to school, friends, neighbours, anyone who walks past the front door. My friends five year old associates pancakes with lemons from 'Julie's tree' and some of the children at school call me the lemon lady.
Which children? The aboriginal children mostly. I have learnt that Nyoongars (South West Aboriginal People), whether they have healthy balanced diets or poor diets love lemons. I take a hundred at a time to school and they are gone within a day, eaten whole and occasionally sprinkled with salt.
If you are down south, pop in for lemons - I have plenty.


France said...

Lemons! I'm dying for lemons here!!
Our tree is abysmal, and I'm doing a detoxification program (just a cleanse really, not a drug/alcohol thing!) and need 3-6 lemons a day. I wish you lived closer!!!!
I had a few lovelies already shower me with some lemons, but I will need more. Do you think your tree can have a word with our tree and tell our tree how to do its job properly?

eating WHOLE lemons, huh? wow, never heard of that one. Heard of eating the skin of mangoes, and off kiwi fruit, but not lemons (at least not raw! I do keep the peel to make lemon peel preserve!).

This is turning into an email length comment! Love the lemons, love your blog!

Judy said...

That necklace is really nice - and i am not a jewellery person at all. Nice keys too - lol about the not looking in the shiney box - i can so relate to that one.
ooohhh those lemons... do you make preserved lemons (morrocan style)out of them - I would!

Ro Bruhn said...

What fabulous keys Julie and I love your fish food holder from your earlier post, what a fantastic piece, I love the colour and texture that you've acheived.

Jane P said...

Just love the necklace and box- Where from? Lemons- dont they always look so beautiful

lklight said...

Those keys make me drool!
And the necklace is to die for!

Steph said...

Gorgeous necklace and beautiful bargain! Thanks for sharing Lemon Lady ! ;)

MaryB said...

I guess there is no shortage of lemonade in your part of Australia. That necklace is beautiful, it blends well with the lemons and also those great keys!

Genevieve said...

I love eating lemons, sliced with a little salt sprinkled on them - yummo oh!! Always have, always will.

Love the necklace too, especially the box - conjours up all sorts of magical mysteries.


kelsey said...

Woo-hoo.....I'll supply the tequila....I'm comin' down!!! Lip, sip, suck! lol

Dot said...

Beautiful necklace Julie! I am sure that your friend will love it. And beautifully photographed on your ' lemon' backdrop too!

I smiled at your story about your psycho lemon tree. Sounds like you have a lot of willing people (and children) wanting to take them off your hands..

Mmmmm...I am with Kelsey. Tequila sounds good!

LisaOceandreamer said...

Gorgeous necklace!!!!! Lucky recipient!

Your lemon tree makes me yearn for ours. Long story but when we had to have it removed I felt as though I'd lost a pet!


dogfaeriex5 said...

omg!! lucky the owner of this gem!!! and love the way you displayed it..
love you~kim

tomoko said...

Julie- I'm so there for your lemons!
Beautiful works, you create...!