Wednesday, August 01, 2007

New friends and visitors.

Archer spent Monday at Pipey's house and came home exhausted, and wanting a cuddle. He clambered up onto my lap as I sat cross legged on the bed typing away, and fell, almost instantly, asleep. Some time later Charles wandered in wanting 'his' lap. After tapping Archer on the head with his paw - and receiving no response, he tried scratching Archer's head. Archer's sigh and attempt to snuffle further into my lap let him know there was no chance Archer would move. It only took Charles a few moments to decide he could cuddle on top of Archer! I had been downloading photo's and the camera was nearby, for which I was grateful as the blossoming of this relationship needed to be recorded.
Speaking of relationships, this 'bobby' ( a blue tongued bob-tail goanna ) has been living in my garden since he was about 3" long - he is now about 12" long. Poor fellow I always forget about him and Sunday's scene is a common one. Step into the garden bed ... pruning shears in hand ... feel eyes on me ... look down and ...
one grumpy, scared little chap. I must confess I teased him with a twig to get him to open his mouth for you. Bobby steals my strawberries occasionally, and the year I grew tomatoes he had his share, otherwise he is no bother.
Can you see how windy it was? These two popped in for a rest and struggled to stay perched on the shed roof. They did make me smile.


Judy said...

Shivering over here at that snake photo.

One Crabapple said...

Those birds are beautiful...tho I know you have an opinion of the neighboring birds....! Boy it MUST have been windy ! dont think I have seen such a sight as that before - feathers blown back on a bird even !

Bobby is captivating ! And he eats your strawberries ? laughing. Wow. What a great pet to have in the garden tho. I think you are great Bobby!

I can't BELIEVE that Charles curled up on top of Archer ! What a FULL LAP that was for you ! Good Grief !

Mamma Love !

Enjoyed this post immensely. You always make me see what is going on there thru your talented writing!
Love , S.