Thursday, August 16, 2007

A good day to be a teacher ...

Today I took my class to Lake Pleasant View. An aboriginal sight of great heritage value that has recently been returned to the traditional owners. This is a place where the males went as boys and came out men, in traditional times. The picture above is one of my students holding a tiny frog one of many native to the area.
This student is holding a piece of Tuart, the edge is very sharp and it was probably used for skinning animals. There are many flints and cutting implements in the area and the Elders were happy for the students to pick them up, look at them, and return the artifacts to the Earth. Aunty L was able to share the Dreaming stories to explain the areas topography with us.
The area is a natural amphitheater overlooking a swampy lake (my technical term). We had talks from the archaeologist who is very familiar with the site and two scientists who are experts in swamp animals and insects.
I love days out with my classes - time to get to know them better and to share on a different level. I had them pose for this almost faceless photo so I could introduce you.


Me said...

What a delightful and inspiring post.

Doreen G said...

How wonderful Julie to be able to share with the Elders and their land--the children are so lucky to be able to see and hear all their stories.

Dawnie said...

Sounds like a truly beautiful day Julie.Lovely post

Dawnie xxx

Ro Bruhn said...

Things like this will stay with them far better than trying to teach it from a book. I still remember excursions I went on at school and that was many moons ago.

One Crabapple said...

Wonderful post

To see your day in action this way and how you are helping to shape the world---!

This picture of them lined up on the rock....So great. I was just eating it all up.

Ev said...

awesome close up of the frog, thank you for introducing us to "your" kids.

meganpickwell said...

How lucky they are to have a teacher such as you to inspire them.

jessica said...

pleased to meet you children.

oh that is so nice.
what a nice post. i want to go along and listen and see.

Lisa-Oceandreamer-S. said...

What a wonderful day out with your class and oh so very interesting. I would have loved to be a part of that and learn about the land and the people. Those types of things fascinate me. I am sure they adore having you for a teacher!