Saturday, August 11, 2007

Combining Addictions

The paper bead bug has got me and I have been happily cutting and rolling this week. These beads were double dipped in shellac and are ultra hard, but still light weight - perfect for combining with wire wrapping. That is if you don't mind wearing the secretions of the lac insect so close to your head! Anyway there are several pairs of these winging their way to friends and a couple set aside for Christmas, these two are for sale. The pair on the right have words added from vintage text, 'believe', 'dare', 'touch' and 'worship'.
I have been in many charm swaps, and loved each and every charm I received, but was not enjoying my charm necklaces - I had three that all looked the same, because they were all completely mixed charms. I have begun sorting. The links for this necklace were made by lovely Kim, and I hope she does not mind but I aged them before I added all my copper and antique gold charms. I have another pile sitting ready to make up with a silver theme and a smaller handful to make a wall handing. I also have a missing collection that is in a very safe place ... I am just nor sure which one. I know I will enjoy wearing this and that the charms will be shown to best advantage this way.
I am really enjoying a productive time in my art life. I am involved in an Altered Book Round Robin which will continue for just over a year, and then I will be able to show you both my work and that which has been placed in my book. I have 3 bracelets and some wire bookmark commissions to make, and half a dozen other projects on the go. Normally I would feel out of control, but I am simply enjoying each blissful creative moment individually, and joining them in that few moments before I fall asleep each night.
Enjoy your weekend, I am hoping to combine creating, chatter and school work ..


Doreen G said...

I love the necklace Julie it looks great and I recognised some of the charms as well.
I still haven't done anything with mine yet as I am unsure what to do and I don't want to ruin them.

Ro Bruhn said...

Your beads are beautiful Julie and I love the charm necklace. I too look forward to being able to show our altered books, it's such an inspiring project.

Steph said...

Gorgeous earrings and necklace !

Janet said...

The beads are gorgeous! I've made paper beads but nothing as pretty as yours.

Life seems to be extra good for you right now and that's great. I hope you enjoy every moment of creating, chatter and school work....

Anonymous said...

Very pretty earrings, and the necklace looks wonderful. I could use some of your creative juices right now. All I've been doing is house related stuff...I know...boring!

Dawnie said...

Yet again some yummy art and wonderful photography.
Love it Julie

D xxx

Cat said...

You sure create beautiful creative jewelry, I was looking thru your etsy site and just love it all.

This charm necklace is terrific and photographed neat on the old wood.

Jen Crossley said...

Julie love your beads there amazing.
The charm bracelet looks so cool what a great swap to be involved in

Judy said...

Wow again Julie, the beads, of which i just read an article about, are so nice - although the shellac description was a bit scarey. The charms are also so lovely and so varied.

One Crabapple said...

oh there you go blowing the lid clean off the whole SHELLAC Thing !

eeeewwww !

But the earrings are Fantastic and I would just have to go back into denial on the whole Lac Secretion thing...ewww ewww eeeewww !

Really - those paper dipped earrings are so perfect

The necklace looks great too.

I am really really bad with "safe places" too, J.
Hope you find it soon.

Looking forward to the Round Robin pictures !

Wow you have your projects list a mile long it sounds like.

More Great Art we get to see !
Love, S.

Dot said...

So happy to hear that your art is flowing so beautifully right now. You are certainly creating exquisite works of art. Love the paper earrings..
And I like what you have done with the charms too! Am sure the others will turn up soon. I am very good at putting things in ' safe' places as well :)

Love you

Dotee xoxo

Sarah said...

gorgeous Necklace you have there with the stunning charms

Anonymous said...

I love those beads Julie, you'll have to come and do a demo next time your at Jan's for stamp gropers. I am inspired to do something with all my charms now I've seen how beautiful your necklace looks. keep up the good work but don't take on too much, leave some creating time for you. love Char xx :-)

Debbi Baker said...

Hi Julie - I'm catching on my blog-reading after so many days away. Love all your August posts - Rachel is very cool. When I grow up I must try assemblage!! Your paper beads are just lovely and I am planning on making some next week; it will be the first time since I was a kid but I am sure I will still love the process. The shellac look is great but I could have done without the "facts". Illusion is good for me. I'll be using utee or opals or something I think. Thanks too for dropping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment. Did Evelyn tell you I finally got a chance to "meet her proper" at Beryl Taylor's class last week? All I could think of was that brief meeting the 3 of us had at the Art Retreat when I was so overwhelmed and incomprehensible (or more so, that usual)!! Ciao for now,

jessica said...

such pretty things.

that is fascinating information about shellac. so many insects have to be involved. wow.