Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Looking for colour and finding so much more...

On Saturday night I took the camera for a walk – oh yes, Archer was there too. My aim was to capture colour in the bush this final winter's month. For many years I have sent postcards to various relatives in England; I sent one to my Grandad each fortnight until his death in 2005 – at the grand age of 95. My Aunty and I shared one a week, for over a decade, until she too went to heaven. Now there are my Nana and her sisters left to write a few lines to every couple of weeks. How I love these ladies, two of my great Aunts have painted and participated in other arts – all are well into their 80’s now … understandably they have had all the postcards my area has to offer; I buy a handful each time I travel. However, mostly these days I stick a photo to card and make my own postcards. A quick few lines about the fur babies or the family are much appreciated. Scenery, birds and flowers are also popular; and as eyesight has become an issue I focused this walk on finding colour and contrast. Some I will tweak to bring out the colours, others I will zoom in on a single bloom and enlarge it. What fun.
Back to the walk – I returned with 65 photos and was happy with about 55 of them! So I guess I will have enough to share for a while. Archer was delighted to run back and forwards and asked that I tell you how good he was.
The wattle is always a favourite, drifts of yellow pompoms scenting the winer air. Flowers emerge by colour in general, the whites and then the yellows, followed by the blues and reds. There is a lot of white in the bush at the moment and the yellows are beginning their season.
Beautiful contrast between the dead twigs and the green background and then the most delicate flowering creeper. The red flowers are about 5mm (1/5th") in diameter.

I promise not to send this one to the Aunts, they will think their vision is getting worse - but I loved the haziness created by the blossom blowing gently in the breeze.
If you enlarge this shot you can see the plant is in flower. Below each flower shaped leaf arrangement their are fragile white stems with red petals.

A serendipitous shot: Archer barked and I glanced back to see the orange sunset reflected on the walls of the old quarry we had just walked through.


Ro Bruhn said...

Fabulous photos Julie, I love the blue flower, dampieria I think. I too have relatives in England who love to receive photos of our bush, which is so alien to their seemingly manicured country side.

Natalie B said...

Such beautiful photo's Julie. Your family will love them.....glad to hear that you continue with the lost art of writing a letter to family. Most of the time I email. Slack huh!!

Dawnie said...

I feel refreshed after walking in the bush with you and Archer.Wonderful shots and I smile thinking of you loving your new camera.

Chat soon
D xxx

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos Julie, I also send some home to the UK to show our surroundings and wild life. my dear father has failing eyes and hearing but my mum explains everything to him.I love all the colours you've managed to capture and I can almost smell the wattle blossom! take care from Charmaine :-)

Dot said...

I feel like I have just taken a walk with you Julie..Such beautiful, beautiful photo's. You are such a thoughtful person to share photo's with us and to send them to family. I am sure your family have loved seeing your part of the world.

Am picturing Archer with you as you walk. Joyfully sniffing everything in his path.

You are really enticing me to come and visit your part of the world :).

Love you

Dotee xoxo

MeganPickwell said...

What glorious images Julie - nature has the best colour combinations to share with us!

Genevieve said...

August is the yellow month here in Gidgegannup. June/July white and red. September a profusion of colour as the Kangaroo paws come to life. December is always brightened by the purple and silver Pom Poms! Ah! the joys of the Aussie bush, so beautifully captured by your camera and talent. Thanks for sharing.


Valerie said...

Bad Baby friend Kelsey linked us to your blog! Beautiful work! My favorite hot drink is hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps and whipped cream!! Yum!