Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Elements: Earth and Water

Water droplets on the umbrella tree.
Shari is hosting a photo collaboration this week. It began yesterday, as did the rain here in the South West. This afternoon I came home from work disappointed, it was too wet to walk, and decided to see what the garden would yield.

I liked this rock, it called my name, and so I carted it many thousands of kilometers from the north of our state to the south. It is a chunk of zebra rock and the back is striped beautifully. Now it marks the final resting place of Gilbert, my first house cat, an adorable ginger boy.
When in England I became obsessed with earth dwelling moles. This one was cast from concrete and carted all the way home. These wet cold days my furry babies get as close to the heaters (wood, gas and electric) as they can. I have often wondered why they do not cook themselves and how they can be so close without burning. Last night was the first accident. See the singed fur on Phantom's leg? No damage to his flesh, but a dreadful smell.
Thank you to everyone who has left lovely comments and entered my 'give-away' (previous post), I am so enjoying seeing who usually reads my blog, and "meeting" some new people.


lklight said...

OH! Poor baby!

Dawnie said...

Lovely shots in your garden.
Great Rock !
Ive often wondered myself how animals, esp cats, dont harm themselves in front of heaters.
Bet it doesnt put him off though.

Prawnie xxx

Ro Bruhn said...

Our cat got too close to the iron one day and singed his whiskers, they all curled up into spirals.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear! poor Phantom, I know that smell of singed hair and it certainly isn't the most pleasant of aromas!I'm glad to hear it was only his hair though and not through to his flesh. Give him a kiss for me, from Charmaine xx

Dot said...

Beautiful photo's Julie! Very glad that Phantom is OK. When Ronnie was a kitten he jumped over a lit candle and scorched his whiskers. He never did that again!