Monday, June 25, 2007

Winter Wire Work

bookmark on etsy sold
bookmark on etsy

Sunday was an exceptionally cold, wet and windy winter's day here in the South West. I was determined to spend some time at home (something I have been avoiding since Miss Maggie's absence is so obvious here). What better day to sit and twist wire - and perhaps head towards paying some vet bills. I really find the whole process quite soothing and was pleased with these three items. I also managed to package and post some swaps, IOU's and gifts that had been sitting on my desk for the last week or so.

The 'Friends of the RSPCA' are looking for temporary carers for animals and I have made initial contact today towards becoming a carer - hopefully we will be able to help some sad animals adjust and find new homes. I have such a lovely big backyard - not burdened by expensive plants or landscaping and just perfect for dogs to run and play.
The hail looked like snow drifts on my neighbours roofs. The thunder rumbled and growled for most of the day, while lightening cracked overhead. While Maggie was on my mind and in my heart I was so grateful that if she had to pass it was before this storm - she was so afraid of the thunder and would run and bark, leading to sore joints and a swollen throat - all the while looking at me with the expectation I could make the noise go away. She has no more pain, and I can not regret that.


Steph said...

Beautiful wire works ! And yes playing with wire ( and making jewelry) is something that help he heart to heal... at least it's working for me and it seems it is working for you too !

Ro Bruhn said...

Glad to see you're able to get back to your art Julie, it's very difficult after losing such a great friend. Our cat is seventeen this year and we keep wondering how much longer we'll have her with us.
I love your bookmarks, very inventive and also very useful


MeganPickwell said...

what beautiful pieces you created on your healing day of art. What a wonderful haven your caring home would be for homeless animals. Thoughts are still with you as you continue to heal the loss of a special friend.
megan xx

Ev said...

Gorgeous work...I have some bookmark thingos to work on some time but I just can't seem to get inspired by them (think they may now be somewhere buried in the quagmire that is my craft room!). I think "fostering" is a fantastic idea and something I did consider after Jason - though I was worried I would not be able to "let go" of them. You have a beautiful soul my friend.

Arty Lady's blog said...

Gorgeous work Julie, and what a lovely gesture to help RSPCA, Maggie will be smiling down at you with pride!

Dot said...

Beautiful art Julie. I am pleased you found some solace in your lovely wire work. And I hope you sell all pieces to help go towards vet bills.

I think you would be PERFECT as a friend of the RSPCA! Your yard looks perfect for this and I know your heart is certainly big enough.

Could just imagine darling Maggie being scared of storms. She was such a character with a very loving nature.

Hugs and love to you (always)

Dotee xx