Saturday, June 30, 2007

Peaceful moments and a giggle or two.

Life currently seems to be a series of moments, or links in a chain; rather than a flowing river. Perhaps that was the inspiration for these two beaded charm bracelets. I was so relaxed and at peace as I chose beads and twisted wire for these two. In case you are wondering I have made the hooks for the closure but left the eye's until the wearer gives me a wrist measurement.
Of course in a house which still has three furry people the experience could not be totally relaxing - Archer managed to eat a chopstick, some tissue paper and several beads during the creation of these bracelets. Each new find accompanied by his mad dash out of the art room through the cat door and out to the back of the garden. I managed a straight face as I corrected him, but he looks so ridiculous as he escapes with the latest treasure their are a lot of inner giggles to accompany my sighs of frustration.
While my tulips continue to delight a friend gave me these three simple stems of jonquils yesterday and their scent is filling my home, just looking at them makes me smile.
I had to giggle though. I said to one of the men who shares my office, "I do love these, Mum hates them in the house -says they smell like cat pee." His response, "My wife thinks the same, we always have them in the house." The mind boggles. I love the scent and their delicate little cups.


Janet said...

The blue bracelet is my favorite but I a;so like the coppery one, too. Let's face it - I just like all your creations!

I'll never think about the smell of jonquils in quite the same way!!

Natalie B said...

Glad your art is giving you some peace Julie. Both bracelets are gorgeous!!

Dot said...

Like Nat I am glad that your art is bringing you some peace Julie. I love both these bracelets but think the copper one is my favorite.

Everytime I wear the bracelet you made for me some one comments on it. And I love how it tinkles.

Am smiling at little Archer and his antics. Bringing some laughter into your life and solace over your recent losses. I could just kiss his little nose!

Sulea said...

Julie, hope you are feeling better. Being and RSPCA friend will be so much fun and the animals will be so lucky to have you. Beautiful jewellery with such a professional finish... you are so very talented and such an inspiration.

One Crabapple said...

Your bracelets are SO pretty.
And I loved your thoughts on how life is a series of moments, linked. That will stay in my mind forever....

The flowers are .... beautiful !

That little DICKENS ! stealing beads ? what a chuckle !

Love, S