Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Art Camp - Part 2 - Overwhelming Gifts

These are some of the wonderful gifts I received at camp, I was humbled and blessed by the time and effort that had gone into treating me. The very talented Jane blessed me this felted hat, an extra special treat as I have a very large head and can not often find hats to fit.
Jacky created this beautiful felted quiltie and made a gift of the rusted heart wire, what a treat it was to meet this warm and talented lady - who managed to convert us all to hand felting within minutes of our arrival.
Each month there is a Mystery Muse on INKrediblyRT, the group linked to this camp, this was my May treat and I am yet to find out who the talented collage artist is.
Kelsey whipped up this stunning ATC at camp - featuring Sheer Heaven transfers and stamping, I do love the quote!
Nikki, Dotee and Shirley demonstrated the wide variety of styles at camp with these ATC's.

I met the very talented, kind and insightful Sulea for the first time, I was left without words after she quietly handed me a small bag containing this marvelous Gothic arch assemblage and the beautiful jewellery set below.

And there was more, a couple of glossy items I need daylight to photograph and some I have yet to unpack. My heart swells as I look at this collection, I see not only each items beauty but the time and care that went into their making. Thank you.


Doreen G said...

Did you need an extra suitcase to bring all your goodies home with you.

Judy said...

Wow - look at that art - stunning. i really love the arches. It's so nice that you recieved such lovely gifts and its so nice for the givers that you appreciate the time and effort they go to to make them so special. Gifts like that only go to speical people though!!!

Janet said...

Such beautiful gifts - for a beautiful person. I especially like the arched piece by Sulea. You know some very talented people!

Natalie B said...

Such sensational gifts Julie. Love them all. Glad camp was so special again for you. Big hugs Natxx

Jane P said...

It was my pleasure to create the hat- Enjoy- I just love the other gifts.....

Dotee said...

Am loving reading your posts about the camp and seeing the photo's.

You look beautiful in the marvellous hat that Jane made for you! She is so talented and generous isn't she?

Jacky's bird quiltie is divine and I know you will use the wire hearts!

Your Mystery Muse gift is gorgeous (and I know who made it he heh). All of the ATC's you received are splendid. Kelsey's ATC's just blow me away with their individuality.

And Sulea's gothic arch assemblage and necklace are beautiful (as beautiful as she is).

My, oh my what treasures were made and bestowed on others at this camp!

jessica said...

gorgeous gifts.
what loveliness.
your heart must be full.

One Crabapple said...

My mouth is hanging open at the gifts you received ! WOW WOW WOW and Wow AGAIN !

That hat looks so kewt (and I get to see YOU !)
It is perfect ! darling on in fact !

The felted piece is really good...I love what she is doing there.

the gothic arch and jewelry ! really !!! you were given those ? Man ! those are stunning.

Did you ever find out your Mystery May Artist ? NIce collage pieces, Really you did MAKE OUT !

oh yeh and that metal heart wreath / ring...dang ! that is a great goodie !

well i really enjoyed seeing all of this !