Saturday, June 23, 2007

Thank you friends

Thank you to all of those who have left comments, e-mailed me and offered prayers. It does help, it really does. I have posted a tribute to Maggie below - I needed to do that, it helped when I lost Hamish so very recently. I am allowing myself to talk endlessly to gracious friends about 'My Girl' (yes, all the other furries are/were boys), it stops me collapsing inwards.

I have also thought about this blog over the past few days, and have decided not to feel guilty that is is divided between animals and art - I love both. Some of you will read the art posts only, and some the animals - that is OK. There will be art soon, over the past couple of weeks I have worked spasmodically on a couple of jewellery commissions and a couple of gifts - as soon as they have been received I will share.

Again, thank you.


Jane P said...

My thoughts are with you at this very sad time. She left wonderful footprints on your heart

Karen Cole said...

I lost a wonderful, loving Maggie as well, last year. A golden retriever. I still look for her when I come home each day from work. Animals and art.......

Dot said...

The tribute you wrote for Maggie is beautiful Julie. I loved seeing photo's of her over the years. And the one of you together when she was a little puppy is gorgeous. You both look so happy together.

I can see why you fell in love with her 10 years ago and brought her home.

Love the photo of her curled up next to little Gilbert.

You have had two very sad losses in your life recently. I do feel for you and your pain. But know you have lots of memories of Maggie girl that will (in time) offer you comfort.

The story you told me about the broccoli bought tears to my eyes.

Thankyou for the email.

I love you(very much).

Dotee xoxo

Dot said...

P.S I have always loved that your blog is about animals and art. Two things very close to your heart. xoxo