Saturday, June 16, 2007

Does Goldilocks give lessons?

When I awoke yesterday morning I did find it difficult to believe that either Maggie or Archer thought that they had found the "just right" bed.

Maggie had a severe bout of pancreatitits this week, and I caught the lurgy so we have spent a lot of quiet time in bed. Now my art room is calling and I have put the heater on, set the kettle to boil and taken the phone off the hook ... See you soon.


Doreen G said...

Hi Julie--Maybe the big dog thinks it is small and the small dog thinks it is big.
Anyway it's a great photo.

Dotee said...

This photo made me laugh! They both look very comfy in each other's beds:)

Dotee said...

P.S Glad you have been resting up too xoxo

One Crabapple said...

This is priceless.

I keep forgetting to tell you how glad I am that MAggie is better. She is so old , I know it is a real big worry everytime something starts up. Maggie Maggie ! be well Mags.

And ESPECIALLY glad You are feeling better too.

Too much stress - it caught up with you Girl !

xo- Take care of You. Love, S