Friday, June 22, 2007

Beautiful Maggie - Thank You

Maggie 2 February 2007 to 20 June 2007

Maggie (Margaret Anne H _____) was born on the second of February 1997, and came into my life eight weeks later. I still remember our first meeting, a pet shop in Perth. I took Maggie from her cage and put her in the little play pen they had nearby, a Chihuahua pup in the same pen barked at her – she ran and cowered behind my hand. I fell instantly in love.
The fear and timidity Maggie displayed at the first meeting plagued her for her whole life. Strangers were scary, and barking at them seemed to make them go away – of course if they came too close she would either make friends or cower miserably under the table (or in the wardrobe). I would warn guests to ignore her - and wait for Maggie to approach – left to meet people this way she made forever friends. Rach’, Rae, Colin and many others all loved her (and spoilt her) – how grateful I am to those who loved my girl. Maggie’s other friend was Gilbert – a beautiful ginger tom cat who shared our lives for a little over a year, later Charles became her friend too.
I now know not to get puppies from pet shops and that fearful dogs are hard work. I am certain that had I not chosen Maggie she would have struggled, she (and her fears) controlled so much of my life. However, not for one minute do I regret choosing Miss Maggie. She gave unwavering devotion from the moment we met; we bonded on the long drive back to Albany, 5 hours with this cute puppy on my lap as I drove. While she gave up trying to sit on my lap, in the car, she never gave up sitting on my lap when I sat on the floor at home –all 32kg’s of her.
Maggie was a one owner dog, it did not matter how well others cared for her she would always cry miserably as I left and almost turn her self inside out with excitement when I returned. She had a couple of hunger strikes while I went away and was well known for trying to break into my car, if I stopped for coffee ,with the kind people who had cared for her in my absence.

... with Charles

I can not begin to imagine how many kilometres we walked over the decade we shared. Most nights we walked an hour, some more some less, only in this past year did we drop back to 20 minutes or half an hour. Oh, how she loved her walks. We loved the hill where Maggie posed for some of these shots, and the cooler tree lined paths on warmer days.
We also walked a million miles emotionally – sharing tears and laughter, mental anguish, overwhelming joy, fear and depression, friendships and loneliness. Through it all, Maggie walked beside me – head tucked into my chest – or nuzzling my leg.

...with Gilbert

... with a friends' daughterTonight I cooked for the first time in nearly two weeks – and as I prepared the vegetables I cut the broccoli leaving lots of stalk attached to the stem and turned to give this ‘treat’ to Maggie, a few seconds later I was sobbing at my sink. My funny girl who loved her vegetables, watermelon and oranges is gone. My faithful, tripped over a million times, friend is not beside me anymore, already I miss burying my face in her coat and breathing in her dusky doggy aroma. I miss hearing her snore quietly in the night, and feeling safe in the sure knowledge she was listening out and would bark if the bumps in the night were baddies.

Mummy's Girl - I love you, thank you for taking such good care of me for so long. I always felt safe with you, your unconditional love and trust made me whole, and kept me steady so many times.


carmel said...

Hi Julie, I've not been on for a few days so only this minute read what you have been going through. I'm truly sorry that you have lost Maggie after such a struggle. Do take care of yourself and keep your friends close. Love and light to you, Carmel xx

Jacky said...

Dear Julie, I have just read your little tribute to the wonderful Maggie. What a special relationship you two had - how lucky you were to share those ten years and have such unconditional love (as only our pets can give).
Thinking of you. XOXO

Ro Bruhn said...

What a beautiful tribute Julie, Maggie looked a lovely girl, and it sounds as if she had a wonderful life with you.
Take care

Steph said...

Your tribute to Maggie brought tears in my eyes... Take care

Dot said...

Am popping over to give you a hug and send my love.

You are not far from my thoughts.

Dotee xoxo

cheeky said...

I haven't visited here in so long. As soon as I came, I scrolled down and saw doggie photos so of course I stopped there.
I am so very sorry. My eyes are filled with tears. Your Maggie was a true blessing and what an angel. My Kaschmir had similar fears with people but did progress a lot through the years.
My heart is with you. Maggie is a beautiful dog. I only wish I could have had the pleasure to know her.
I know, I am a real sap. I honestly just want to reach through this computer and touch that precious dog.
Hope you are faring well. My thoughts are with you.

One Crabapple said...

I am so glad you did this tribure / memorial of Maggie

She was a beautiful dog.

You have such wonderful pictures of her.

YOu were lucky to have her her whole life long.

And she was lucky to have You.

I am definitely feeling blue. You amaze me with your calm that is coming thru...

Dear Maggie, It will seem funny coming here and not seeing you anymore...Hopefully from time to time there will be little memories or more pictures.

You were a Sweet Old Girl. Julie's Angel.

You will be missed.

Love you too Jules. Xo- S.