Thursday, June 28, 2007

Gifts and Giving

I came home last night to find this glorious bunch of tulips on my table – a gift from my brother and SIL. I adore tulips – more than any other flower they seem to hold secrets within. I can never wait for them to open before I begin to be peek; I can be found peering regularly through pinhole size openings where the petals meet at the top of the flower. My aim: to glimpse their kaleidoscope of stamens and colour within. I have a waking-dream which sees me in a field of multi-coloured tulips - that never wilt or drop their petals, bliss.

This pin has arrived at its new home, it did not photograph well, but I liked this one because it was less cluttered and each of the charms have their own space, thier own story - and sometimes that is more than the collective.

Another art work which should have arrived home ... these door hangers are made of balsa wood and were 79c at Macro when I was on camp. I only bought two and wish I had grabbed a handful as my head is still buzzing with ideas for them. I think I will have to cut some out myself. This one had a crackle background, some texture paste, transfers and lots of washes with Golden colour before being over stamped.


Janet said...

Your tulips are lush and gorgeous. I recently read a book that told how they used to be bought and sold almost like stocks, and were extremely expensive and sought after for gardens all around the world.

I love this pin (purple!!) and I like the uncluttered look of it but I also like the ones that are completely filled.

Arty Lady's blog said...

How lovely, my favourite flower! You're blessed to have a kind family.

Keep smiling

Jane P said...

And the pin is really enjoying her new home!!! With Bracelet

Judy said...

ok so I am coming over to join your waking dream - sounds nice to me. Glad you are sounding a bit better Julie. xox

Dot said...

Beautiful flowers Julie and a loving gesture from your family.

The pin you made for Jane is gorgeous and I like the simplicity of it.

Would love to join you in your waking dream of tulips. And have some special furbabies join us.

Thinking of us with much love

Dotee xoxo

jessica said...

what a sweet gift to come home to...your favorite secret holding flowers. lovely.