Saturday, December 02, 2006

Take one painted background, add animals ...

and voila! Some ATC's I am happy with. Thank you Uncle Scrooge.
There must be a touch of Uncle Scrooge in me, I can't bare waste and always brush excess paint onto the pages of a watercolour pad. If there is a lot left over on a palette I will use the credit card technique to drag it on. Sometimes I will paint it onto foam stamps and stamp a layer. There are usually ten or 12 pages being filled at a time. Sometimes I will stamp excess ink into them as well. This page has been 'finished' for at least 12 months now, but it was only last night that it called to me.
I have enough paper left for three more cards and then it is gone. I love that - a complete one off. I could scan my 'good' sheets - but somehow that would detract from the whole point; unique papers made from waste paint.
I'm off to the markets now, I have another type of creating in mind this afternoon - in the kitchen! Enjoy your weekends.


sombra said...

These are beautiful!
I especially love the 2nd one. He looks like one of my cats! The colors you used on these are great!


Sulea said...

hahaha... Julie, these are AWESOME!! i love the one with the large white cat. They're so cool and the backgrounds are great.


kelly w said...

These are gorgeous - and do I recognise the border stamp on the last one!!!!!

Hope you have a great weekend.


Cat said...

You have a wonderful blog and these ATC's are fabulous! Everything from the colors to the composure is great on them - I love the idea of the painted backgrounds.

You are talented. Happy weekend to you too.

Anonymous said...

Very excellent!

I save every dribble of paint too, and use it one way or another.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful bunch of ATC's!!!

Love all of them but the Penguin one made me laugh out loud:)

I save everything too. And often have little bits of waxed , and colored card ready to use.

Anonymous said...

They are all just beautiful! And I like your idea of using the watercolor pad as a place to clean off excess paint. No one would ever know that's how these began.

One Crabapple said...

ohh how cute ! all the babies on beautiful blue / purple backgrounds. They are adorable.

What a wonderful way to use that paint. And I was laughing to myself - that sounds like a TEACHER to do this !!!

I was definitely reminded of my art teacher when I read that....

"The Natives Are Restless" made me smile ! Clevvver !

Have you seen that animated movie HAPPY FEET advertised - it looks delightful.

Love, S.

One Crabapple said...

ps hope your sleeping routine gets better ! I know that can be productive using it this way and making ART but ! I know it is a pain to not be able to sleep .

One Crabapple said...

oops and I forgot to addddd !

Whats going on in the kitchen Miss ???

Lisa said...

How perfect! I was doing that for a while too and then I totally forgot, but then I haven't been painting very much at all so sometimes I just stick the brush in the paint lids. :) You make me want to paint and do some collaging! These are just gorgeous.

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