Monday, December 11, 2006

Gifts in and Gifts out.

I was a naughty girl! I opened my Christmas present from Dot. I did not even try to resist ... And I am so glad that I did not.

Let me introduce Harold, the rooster. I am a big fan of roosters - ummm let me re-phrase. I think I like the image of Roosters; the colours, those glossy feathers, the self confident demeanor, the image... Real roosters, at least the ones I have come in contact with, smell, eat worms and seem to be overly randy.

Oops I have diverted. Dotee also included this fabulous collage, included is a picture of a baby art doll she made for me last month. It is such a personal, made-for-me, collage with words of encouragement and favourite colours included. The card/ATC is a gorgeous work of art in itself.

This is the cover of a miniature ATC file I made recently, a group of us sent ATC's to encourage a friend and I wanted to create a bright and arty file. I have used another of my scrap paint backgrounds, and for the purists - the stamped city (Green Pepper Press)is deliberately sketchy. My 'Lady in Pink' uses a torso and face mould from Krafty Lady. When I look at her I see a 1950's cleaning lady all dressed up for a night on the town - a bit of 'mutton dressed as lamb'. With no offence to cleaning ladies - as mine is the BEST and beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Hi there Julie

What a pleasure to come to your blog and see my little gifties displayed! So pleased you liked everything. I didn't expect you to wait to open the package (I always want to open everything straight away too!).

He hee....Harold the rooster looks quite at home on top of that bowl (?). Laughed out loud at your comments about Roosters. They are rather beautiful. Didn't know they were randy though *grin*.

Feel very inspired after looking at your gorgeous cover for the miniature ATC file you made for your friend. It is gorgeous!!! Love the shoes you have used on your cleaning lady. And I agree she IS best!!!

You are really getting bolder with colors Julie. The ones on this are scrumptious.

Anonymous said...

All gorgeous Julie. Love Dotee's gifts, she is such a star! What a wonderful friend we have in Dot. Love your ATC file, just gorgeous colours. Hugs Natxx

Pretty Lady said...

Hello, I find you on Daisy's blog and I have to say that your art is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Don't you just love the vibrant colors that Dotee uses? She is a real Sweetheart...

Have a WONDERFUL Day, Julie!
You deserve it... :-)

pinar said...

have a wonderful day Julie.. and lots of gifts to enjoy..

littledawnieno1 said...

What a wonderful bounty Julie.Your rooster is just fab.

Have a great week
Dawn xxx

Anonymous said...

Oh how fun! You and Dotee are both unable to wait until Christmas it seems.... you're both veeeeery bad. I am doing my best to hold out although it's very, very difficult. What lovely gifts from the talented Dotee!