Thursday, December 14, 2006

My Little Friend

My friend's little boy turns 5 tomorrow. B and I have a special bond, besides sharing a birthday. B loves beads. When he stays the night he likes to share my bed - although he knows that five year olds will sleep in the special room with a new night light. I sent him off to bed with a handful of picture books last time he visited and went back to the lounge to find out who had won Australian Celebrity Survivor. Ten minutes later I checked on B, imagine my inward giggles and delight when I realised he had abandoned the children's books and was lost in a stack of beading magazines. This adorable child has loved beads for as long as he could hold them!
A few months ago we were shopping together when he spotted a beaded candle holder and was instantly smitten. It was a long skinny shape and I could not think of another use for it, however, it got me thinking about this old candle holder. A coat of paint, a couple of handfuls of cheap glass beads and I just know he is going to love his lolly bowl.
B was shopping with his Nana and Mum, they are the best op/thrift shoppers ever, when he spotted this cat tunnel. I am told they got no rest - and this kid can nag - until they bought the tunnel for me. I confess to being a little dubious as to whether the boys would like it.
The top and bottom photos are Hamish in the first 15 minutes of its arrival! The middle is Charles just yesterday!
Note: The plants were patients and have recovered to the point where I sent them home - poor things.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful relationship you have with B!!! Loved reading about his love of beads (and can imagine you smiling inwardly when you found him reading beading magazines). He obviously loves you very much. I can see you with little ones and imagine the delight and love in their faces when they are with you.

What a great idea to rejuvenate the candle holder with beads! It looks gorgeous (must have taken you some time to do!).

And the cat tunnel! Love the photo's of Hamish and Charles. Cat's love being inside things and I guess they couldn't resist it (they look adorable).

Wishing you a big happy birthday for tomorrow :)

Much love

Dotee xoxo

Sombra said...

Ahh, yes...I can understand the little boy's love of beads. I am quite sure that he will love the gift you made him.

Those photos of your cats are cute!
My brother built a playhouse for my cats. It has tunnels and boxes and climbing poles. They love it dearly, and often argue over the cubby holes they are not willing to share.
Cats are quite fun to watch aren't they?


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Julie!! Big hugs Natxx