Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I do love Christmas cards ...

I am a big fan of Christmas cards. I enjoy making and sending them, I enjoy writing newsy notes on the insides and enclosing the odd photo. A card from me is never a random selection - but a deliberate decision.

I love that I can dash to the mail box each morning and there will be a handful of cards. I so look forward to hearing everyone's news, admiring the pictures - hand-made and bought and then choosing just the right spot to display the card.

This year I have received two cards that told of sadness and breakdown in long term relationship, and one about terminal illness. My joy-o-meter was really flagging.

Today's mail, however, bought the stunning card made by the ever so talented Sulea . Those birdies are hand drawn and collaged. I also received a card from my beautiful 86 year old Nana, who lives in England. She enclosed the document below - the telegram my Dad sent about four hours after I was born. I love chatting on the phone to Nana, but her cards are so precious - and each time she will enclose an old photo or hankie, something she knows I will treasure. She also always takes time to tell of her love for me. Thank you for my Nana. My only surviving grandparent.


Anonymous said...

How absolutely delightful. The card is beautiful and the gift from Nana (what a treasure - both your Nana and her gift)...Grandparent's are wonderful blessings.

Anonymous said...

That card you received is so amazing!!
and OMG to have that telegram, what a love your Nana must be. How sweet that she sends you little wonders for you to treasure.

Anonymous said...

Julie - the card from Sulea is gorgeous. She is so talented.
Love those little birds:)

And what a treasure from your Nana!
A special and thoughtful gift.
Love your second name Isabelle too.

Glad your shopping expedition went so well too - sounds like the planets aligned for you. It is great when something turns out so much better than you expected:)

Much love to you

Dotee xoxo

Anonymous said...

The card is so original and creative and shows that someone took a lot of time thinking of you. And then to receive that little telegram from Nana....well, that's fantastic. You are blessed to still have her.

Anonymous said...

I love this card from Sulea! Also such a special gift from your nana. What a wonderful mail day today!!