Tuesday, December 19, 2006

All shopped out ..

I finished my Christmas shopping today and in doing so began to see the donut not the hole, and the glass half full not half empty.

This morning I started by pulling everything I had purchased throughout the year from the "Christmas drawer". Wow! I had at least half of the presents I wanted to give right there. I should have been so pleased.

I confess I set off to make my final purchases full of doom and gloom. I was convinced I would blow the budget, buy too little, or too much, forget something .... You get the picture? I normally love Christmas shopping but have struggled to get into the spirit of the season, let alone get my head around appropriate gifts for loved ones.

What-do-you-know? I had a wonderful time! Everything I went for was on special, I found car parks easily, everyone was friendly and I am happy with all my choices. I saved so much on some books I really wanted for friends that I treated myself to lunch - which was a great chance to look at my lists and check I was on track. Tonight I delighted in wrapping gifts for my family and very close friends - and I feel that joyous peace sneaking up on me.

After all my saving I decided to pop into my local second hand store for some holiday reading. I got the bag of washers and the hinges for $1.50 - I think the owner thought he was ripping me off, but I was so pleased. There are hundreds of washers there! And, some of those hinges have 4 different colours of paint showing through. I did buy books as well, a whole bag for $5.


Anonymous said...

Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyy, love those hinges and washers!! Need to go and spend some time in my local second hand store! Love the way you have wrapped your pressies. So beautifully presented. I'm sure you're friends will love each and every gift you give them. Big hugs to you. Natxx

Anonymous said...

P.s. I have a bit of the Bah Humbug happening re Christmas this year..... if not for the children, I think I'd give Chrissy a huge miss.

littledawnieno1 said...

What a super 2nd hand store.Just love your bag of good bits,and all with a fabo finish.Excellent find.
Your xmas stash has me wanting to finish my wrapping ( you have made it all look good enough to eat)
So glad you shared J.
Dawn xxx

Lisa said...

I'm glad it turned out to be way more fun than you expected. I love it when that happens.