Thursday, December 07, 2006

So glad for craft supplies ...

I do enjoy the sight of parcels ready to give, and envelopes filled with good wishes.
This time of the year is always financially challenging, and Maggie's vet bills have added their bit. I am so grateful for my well stocked creative zone. I made this bracelet tonight. It began life plain wood with no spacers and was from my local $2 shop. I messed up one of the tiles, but was able to add the beads. Now I have a OOAK piece of wearable art which I will be very pleased to give as a gift. I only bought two of the bracelets at the time, I think I will stop by and see if there are more next time I am on the main street.
I recently had this journal, bookmark and fridge calendar returned from Stamping and Papercraft where they were published earlier this year. Even as I was making them, back in March I was thinking of my SIL. This is the card.
Tomorrow is the last day of school for the year. There is always some sadness as classes are disbanded and some children leave. And yet, as I have begun tidying and filing ready for next year I have felt some enthusiasm begin to creep up. I am going to be in school next week getting as much done for 2007 as possible. I will probably make the excuse that my holidays will then be free ... But deep inside I know, letting go is easier when I have the next group of teenagers to focus on.


Anonymous said...

Julie all of these pieces are lovely. I'm sure the recipients will treasure each and every piece. Great idea for gifts. I think I leave my run too late for making Chrissy pressies. I just never quite get there in time. Never mind, there's always next year!! I should start in January!! Hope you have a wonderful holiday. Lots of creating time ahead. Hugs Nat

Lisa said...

Aren't those kids lucky to have you!! Your art is so beautiful. The bracelet is awesome. You're so creative. I love the things you got back. They're really amazing. Lucky sis-in-law. :)

One Crabapple said...

BEAUTIFUL parcels in tuquoise or do we call it aqua ? and brown ! oh who would not love to get those !

Congratulations on being published Miss J ! Those are really wonderful pieces....They should be looking at your bracelets here for their next issues !!! those bracelets are great AND wonderful that the did not cost too much to make. I DO hope you find more of them at that shop. Don't wait ! get over there !!! Get more ! I'd love to see what new bracelets you come up with .... you said there was a boo boo on one of the tiles....looks perfect to me.

Love the image on your card. You know just the right touches to embellish ! And those backgrounds give it wonderful dimension. And nothing is complete without sparkles ! Magic.

I like your idea of Soothing Sadness in / by Preparation of The New !

Your Heart's Survival Instinct has a Good Recipe here , hooking up with the brain this way !

Love, S.

One Crabapple said...

p.s. I think you are right about the Christmas Couple

I should entice the christmas spirit with some brandy & eggnog or something ....!

They ARE looking rather GRIM.

Must have just come in from shopping.
(ughhh! yes well who could blame them then !?)

Anonymous said...

These are all wonderful! Those bracelets are especially nice.
I understand your sadness about the school year being over. I used to teach at a children's music conservatory, and when I left I missed them all quite a bit.

Anonymous said...

Julie - I love all of these works of art! Am lucky to have a card you made for me using that same harlequin image.

What a clever idea to make a bracelet like that (you are the queen of creating from creative finds!!)

Congrats on being published too.

Am sure your students will miss you. And am also sure your students next year will love having you as a teacher. Offering them lots of inspiration!

It must be a little sad saying goodbye.

littledawnieno1 said...


Im thrilled to be able to leave a comment 'YAY'
Came in a different way!

as you know I just LOVE what you create.Excellent what you share

Huggles to you
Dawn T xxx