Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I seem to have wandered in limbo for the last few days, starting new projects when I should have been finishing old ones, reading chapters from several different books and sitting, just sitting. It has been for the most part a pleasant limbo, with the odd moment of anxiety thrown in. Just now I have realised it the transition, after six blissful weeks of being full time ME and part-time teacher the roles are to swap. Back to work I go tomorrow and become the full time teacher, and somehow this year that seems like giving up myself.

I am not sure if that is a good thing, a bad thing, or just a, well – thing. But it is there.

These little Danglies/Pendants/Tassels/Key Ring/Thingies were finished this week. Two are in transit and one is hanging happily from my spare key. I have also added some more shellac journal packs to my Etsy and put some cauliflower soup on for tea, so I guess I have achieved some small goals.


Doreen G said...

You've done it again Julie they are magnificent.

Ev said...

these are just beautiful, the tassels look great on them. Cauliflower soup sounds very interesting too..though it is too hot up here for soup just now. I am trying to avoid the kitchen as much as I can. How's Harvey, he looked thoughtful rather than pensive in that last photo. He has a wonderful mumma who will have him settled in no time.

Janet said...

These are so beautiful! I'd wear them as a pendant!! Forget hiding them away on a keychain! The tassles are just great.

Still Waters Studio said...

These are so cool! I agree that they should be pendants.
What grade do you teach? I'll bet all of your students love you.

Dawnie said...

How lucky am I to receive one of these beauties in the post just now and I'm just loving my new dangly.
Gotta say Im gunna wear mine out today so a pendant it is!
Just lovely LL and I thankyou with all my heart.
It brought another crooked smile from me today.Keep this up and you'll have me back to normal in no time.
Luv ya, hug ya
Dawnie xxx

Jen Crossley said...

Gorgeous Julie .
I love my present you sent me You are a Legend girl

Ro Bruhn said...

These are fantastic Julie, they're too good for keys, I agree with Janet, they would make great necklaces.

kelsey said...

These look absolutely wonderful Julie! Who rocks??? YOU ROCK!!!

Dot said...

These are beautiful Julie - works of art, beautiful works of art.

I can understand you have mixed feelings about going back to school. It must take some transition time to get back into it. And it sounds like you have had a wonderful (and well deserved) break these holidays.

And of course you have dear Harvey at home now too (thanks for your email update on him too - will write to you over the weekend).

Love you

Dotee xoxo

Pat de Verre said...

I spent my evening to browse on your blog. I saw all your pages and I adore to read you and to see your art.
I add a link of your blog on mine. Hope you are ok with that.
See you soon

France said...

More beautiful artwork Julie, limbo suits you well. I'm anxious about school tomorrow, the girls, however, seem ok about it. I like holidays (even if I had to work heaps this time). xox

One Crabapple said...

Oh these are so interesting and wonderful ! I love the way you put the little swatch of cloth behind the faces . These are fresh !

Cauliflower soup ! I have had such a love of cauliflower lately. But I had never heard of SOUP !


xo- S.