Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Journey Time

Archer and I are heading off to the 'Big Smoke' for a few days. Leaving home is such a wrench but there are people to see and places to go. My friend 'A' has strapping teenage sons, and yet I remember so well the night I looked after No.1 while No.2 was entering this world (it helps that I got us locked out of the house in the middle of winter), the night I looked after No1, No2 and No3 while their sister was born (Ummm, the ultra sound dude said she was a boy). There are shared memories and a respect that comes from time, a love because our lives have been intertwined - like the vine above, sometimes the branches have joined, others they have headed off in their own direction, but always connected. We have history, and that makes the journey possible.
I am staying with J and her new dog. A treat for Archer, a joy that I can bring him. I anticipate long chats about what has been a big year for both of us. A year which has seen our friendship flourish and grow.
Dawn and I have lots of fun scheduled - I'm stuck on this lady (and her family). A woman who inspires me with her art, teaches me to have more fun and understands that 6.00 am IS the middle of the night. I'm hoping to catch up with more of my buddies as time allows, sneak in a little shopping, a trip to the city and more...
The Cat sitter is in situ Archer is clean, the job list fits onto one page. Pray for travelling mercies as we drive 4 1/2 hours up the Highway. Back soon.


Still Waters Studio said...

What a beautiful garden to look at while we are in the middle of winter.
Have fun and be safe while on your trip.

Janet said...

Have a wonderful trip and come back refreshed and relaxed and ready to create more of your beautiful art.

One Crabapple said...

ahh sounds like a wonderful time for all ! How fun for you.

But what is The Big Smoke ? I find this interesting....a little lost tho....this is an Aussie-ism ?

Archer is such a sweetie pie. Such a wonderful life he has because of you- driving off to meet people and more L O V E than he imagined was out there for him I bet.

The pcitures are great. The lavender is beautiful. I liked enlarging the photos to see the differences in lavender and snails there to here. Your snails are much cuter than ours !

Hope you are having a super trip.
Love, s

Ev said...

Looking forward to giving you a hug soon. Drive safe.


kelsey said...

What beautiful pictures Julie....very peaceful.

I'm a couple of days behind in my email, are you still in Perth? (today's Sunday). Hope you can drop into Scraptivate to say hello, I'm there Monday and Tuesday afternoon as I have an atc class Tuesday night.