Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Archer Here...

... and looking very cute if I do say so myself.
Mum's fingers are much better but she is not keeping up with jobs, she hasn't even unpacked my doggy treats yet! Thought I better tell you about our trip. Our first stop on the way to Perth (Western Australia's capital city) was by this Aussie Christmas tree. Mum stopped five times. Odd really she made me get out of the car, drink water and then she wanted me to get back in before I had sniffed the whole lay-by. What's up with that? We visited my Aunty Dawnie first (Billy was a bit strange, kept guarding a smelly sock?!?), then on to Aunty Joyce and Staci.
Wowee, Staci is cute - but she was not very nice to me at the beginning, kept curling up her top lip. Mum laughed at her a lot, I think it hurt her feelings. She did stop pulling faces at me though. You should have heard the people cheer when she pooped, it's a long time since I was congratulated for that one and she is older than me.
Mum got lost after a night out with her friends and was so bored she took 'race cam' photo's again. Perth is actually a very clean city, but we really need to clean out car window. I think I will lick it next time I go for a ride, that usually works.
They ate Thai and laughed, a lot, while I stayed home and cuddled with Aunty J and Staci. These are Ev, Jane and Aunty Dawnie. I wanted to put Kylie's picture in but apparently photo's which give views up ladies noses are 'not nice'. Mum was given lots of pressies when she was with 'the girls' - hmmm, they look like ladies to me - and will post photo's later.
I stayed home while Mum went to Mindarie too, she talked with A and J for ages, and came back so relaxed she did not notice I had been asleep on her bed. I wish I had seen them again I did like all the cuddles at their house and they had some good left-overs.
This is Muffin, he lives with A and J and four handsome men. Silly Muffin he was scared of me and stamped his foot really loud. He did smell good, I hear he only eats vege's; I hope Mum does not get any ideas about feeding me carrot tops.
Finally Aunty Joyce and Mum went out leaving us alone. We partied and partied. Chasey, Hide n' Seek and Tag were lots of fun. B came home and played with us too. Funny Staci, she would not play infront of her Mum and mine, went back to being a princess, she even sat with her back to me. Mum kept cuddling her and laughing at her faces, I was a tiny bit jealous.
We saw lots of people who all said I was handsome and good but we did not get photographs of those, no, we got a photo of hay bales by the side of the road(???).
Harvey is an OK dude, bit of a fraidy cat, but it was sooo good to see my Phantom. We met on the path and could not decide who got to lick first. Mum cried. Silly really, we ended up rubbing noses then took turns licking faces.


Janet said...

Seems that Archer and his mum had a very enjoyable trip!

Dot said...

Dear Archer

You are SUCH a clever boy to do a blog post with all these photo's! I am most impressed! And you are extremely cute.
Please tell your mama that I hope she gets better very soon. And that I love her very much. When I read about her crying when she saw you and Phantom greet each other I cried too (and Ronnie gave me a funny look).
Sounds like she had a great time with her friends and you met some new friends too.

And my dear carrot tops ARE good for you. Much better than some of the other goodies you put in your handsome mouth :)

And please tell your mama that when I saw the photo of Ev, Jane and Dawnie I wanted to be there too!

Much love

from Aunty Dotee xoxo

Dawnie said...

Miss you already miss Julie but pleased to know that your healing nicely.
Miss that little cute man of yours too, such a sweetie.
Until next time my lovely gal.
D xxx
Love the shot of the hay bales.

One Crabapple said...

oh what a wonderful way to present your trip ! Thru the eyes of Archer ! loved LOVED LOVED it and had so many laughs along the way.

I am drinking in the sights , haybale picture was very interesting to ME , Mr. Archer....! But I am sure more picts of you and your wonderfulness would have rivalled this , no doubt - you precious boy. You are looking quite smart and lovely healthy hair. what about that finger bit ?? It was really bad then ? So sorry to hear ! ouch ! The hits we take from these fur balls ...

Glad you had such a nice time. You sound happy.

Love, S

Betzie said...

I dare not let my doggies near my computer to see you. The boys would be quite jealous and the girls would be in love. :)
You are an excellent story teller and I'm glad you enjoyed your trip as much as your mom did.
Tell your mom that I watched a great movie the other day called RESTORATION. She would like it as it features lots of lovely Cavaliers and is set in the 1600's in England. Starred Meg Ryan and Robert Downey Jr. - you would like it too! Smiles and licks!

Holly Loves Art said...

What a great post! ha ha I must say... I think Archer is just about one of the cutest doggies in the universe! What a beauty.

Hope you're having a fun week.



L-INKed to paper said...

Oh I am so pleased that you all had a wonderful time together, full of memories to cherish in times ahead. What an adventure you had Archer, all those new friends, sites and smells. A dog's dream holliday! My boy's are very jealous. I am so sorry I couldn't join you all for dinner. Take care and God bless your hearts. love and hugs from Charmaine :-) xx