Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Harvey was born in 2003. One of three kittens he went with his siblings to try out a new home. Unfortunately his family were chosen and he was returned to APS because he was too timid. There he has been until yesterday.

I wandered into a large sunny enclosure with tables, chairs, trees and grass, and instantly spotted him skitting away. There was a pretty white cat with spots, many blacks that wanted to smooch, tabby’s long and short hair. Yet my eye kept going back to Harvey. I watched him interact beautifully with other cats and felt he could be a friend to Charles. Eventually, as I sat patting a lovely black boy, Harvey came and sat alongside me, enjoying being stroked.

My main criteria for a new fur baby were a cat friendly with other cats and I do love my gingers. I knew this was my boy. Catching Harvey in this open plan shelter proved tricky (and painful) he was not happy to be held. After he had bitten and scratched me several times two wonderful carers, Yvonne and Kathryn, spent quite some time and patiently calmed him then helped me scoop him into a carrier.
Harvey travelled calmly back home (a four and half hour drive) with Archer. They touched noses regularly and both settled as close to each other as their beds allowed. Poor love does not like to have his photo taken so I won’t stress him for a few more days. He is happily ensconced in the laundry and both Archer and Phantom have spent time in there with him today. Charles has not yet been seen, but he does sometimes punish me for going away. I have been to sit and pat Harvey a couple of times, but he really is happier with the fur-boys for now so I will leave him alone to settle.
Update: Charles has been in and had a good sniff under the laundry door.

I went to the doctor this morning and the locum informed me, ‘people die from cat bites.’ Here I am hoping and praying the mega-oral antibiotics kick in before morning or he is threatening to admit me to hospital for intra-venous ones. I really do not need time away from Harvey at this early stage.


dogfaeriex5 said...

please make sure the area is kept clean and watch for red streaking from the puntured area...as long as you take your antibiotics you should be good! sweet little poor he is! sounds like he is going to get lots and lots of love in your home..

Dot said...

Harvey looks like a beautiful kitty Julie. You are so loving to give him a new home. And I know he will be very happy with you all.And he will get SO much love!

So sorry to hear about your bite though! How scary (and painful for you).

Ronnie and Essie send a big hello to Harvey (well Ronnie sends a head butt really and Essie a little squeak). Please let Harvey know that when I visit I will be very gentle with him. But if he bites me I might need to nibble his ears :)

Ev said...

Hope your hand is feeling better soon, I am glad you found Harvey though, I am sure with your love he will fit right in. I love your post above from Archer, so funny. One comment to make - hope Kylies nose was clean ROFLOL...

One Crabapple said...

Harvey is so gorgeous !!! I wonder what his story will unfold to now....I hope he gets over this camera shy business ! I want to see more ! He is a beauty. Please tell him I said so. His public awaits !

Imagine , not being taken all this time due to being shy. That is sad. I love that he came up to sit near you...He seems happy in the laundry next to the black and white HAM.

Did I mention how pretty that banner is ? It really looks like your jewelry and collage. Love it.

One Crabapple said...

ps I was glad for the Update on Charles....wondering how that would go. Now I do hope he and Harvey will work things out nicely. Do tell....! And remember, because I know there will be an adjustment period, that eventually they will all work it out. But it can be rough on your nerves. Dont let that old voice creep in " did I do the right thing ?" ----oh you did. You did. It will all be right soon enough and you will finally have a day looking back and think "whewww". But maybe it won't be such a big deal. Seems like such a Love Shack there , who wouldn't just want curl up and basque in it ?

Hope you get to make art again soon.