Friday, January 18, 2008


It wasn't my birthday, or Christmas, and yet when in Perth I was showered with gifts. It was both humbling and a little overwhelming. My friend Dawn blessed me with all sorts of thoughtful goodies, including beading mats and blank business cards. My bed at J's boasted a tasty treat for Archer and beautifully scented bath goodies for me to bring home.
The bracelet above was made by Jessica, a new young friend, daughter of Kylie; I was blown away by her talent and generosity. Most of you know I love buttons and I have worn this bracelet three times already.
My friend Jane makes these amazing bags. The one in the background was a birthday gift from Dawn, and the paisley one a gift from Jane when we met up for dinner. I think this is the start of my Jane P bag collection.
Jane also gave me this wonderful collection of vintage/old jewellery to use in my art. Bliss! Archer is playing with his toy, a gift from our trip.
I feel so blessed by the friendship I share with the beautiful women in my life, the laughs, the tears, the journeys shared and stories told. I can't take pictures of them; know they are the most precious gift of all.


Doreen G said...

Look at all those lovely buttons Julie---wow

Me said...

I got your gift earlier this week! I am sorry I've been so negligent in letting you know! I love it! It has a place of honor in my bedroom.

I will try to post photos this week.

I love your little button bracelet - how blessed you are!! :)

L-INKed to paper said...

What a wonderful treasure trove of goodies you have, along with the beautiful friendships, you have been truly blessed. Just as we have been so touched by your friendship too Julie.This craft world and it's talented people have such a generous nature , we are all rich beyond words with many shared memories and beautiful collections of art. Keep creative, with love from Charmaine :-)

kelsey said...

What an amazing array of booty you collected in just a few days Julie! Nice to know that you didn't have to pillage & plunder to get it all either....just be your usual lovely self. ;-)(the "r" word was going to be in there too but I just don't even like typing the word!!!)

Sulea said...

Wow.. the button bracelet is gorgeous and those bags!!! :o)
Had a look at your etsy shop.. it is doing really well!! Do you still do those glass pebbles with soldering? I remember how gorgeous those were at camp...

Dot said...

Love the button bracelet Dawnie made for you!! And the bags from Ms. Jane are stunning. What a treasure trove of goodies -can't wait to see what you do with the jewellery.

You bless the people who know you Julie. No wonder we want to shower you with love!

Pat de Verre said...

Wow, what a wonderfull gift these vintage jewels: really a small treasure. You are lucky to have generous friends...Please, excuse my numerous mistakes but I am french and I learnt english at school 30 years ago Love you work espacially you rusty pieces....original and so personal stuff. Congratualtion. I'll return soon.
Best regards