Wednesday, April 11, 2007

This and That

I am in a few charm swaps at the moment -as well as preparing to swap charms at a forthcoming camp. When I saw all the zip charms together I immediately wanted to make them into a choker - so that may follow.
As to the Watsonia - I decided to keep it as natural as possible for these. I love the colour and texture of the wood - and it is hard, which contrasts with the more fragile roots. I am sure that with wear the roots will drop off, for now I like them (and any recipients who don't can snip them off easily).
Some of yesterdays 'treasure' - which Miss Maggie says smell good. I have one more set of charms and some OOAK charms to complete over the next day or two - then back to some one-off art experiments. I see an art doll, perhaps two - some candlesticks and the beginnings of a wall hanging here. What do you see?
I did make time to create some more card sets - and love that I have a stash to dig into when there is no time for an original.
This picture is great! It tells of my Dad's humour, he takes delight in attaching skulls to things and odd placement of items. The old trailer is only used occasionally for carting hay and is not licensed to leave the farm, it is quirky art for my Dad's own enjoyment (not that he would consider it art)!
It has been a good few days, and I am at peace - even the cleaning and school work that is keeping me occupied today is satisfying.


Judy said...

I see lots of yummy rusty stuff -hmmm - looks a bit like my rumpus room which has been overtaken with rusty things - they look great. i think the doll sounds very exciting - can't wait to see the results.

Me said...

That skull is awesome - from your posts, I would say that your Dad is a very cool guy.

Jane P said...

and when does the book come out? You have a wonderful eye for artistic photos- I do miss the country!!

Janet said...

Every photo in this post is wonderful! I really like the skull on the trailer! Your dad is an artist, too.

The brown set of cards is my favorite and brown is not a color I would say I especially like! But you've made the color exciting. I also can't wait to see what you do with all your rusty treasure.

Doreen G said...

Boy have you been busy Julie.
Your Dad sound like my kinda guy I could live with his sense of humour.
Love all the charms and those rusted things oh to die for.
Great cards as well.

Kai said...

i rather fancy having a bash at the zipper you think Mr Dan will miss some from his jeans?
I like the serenity of the photos, dads are special.. :)
PEace Kai

Arty Lady's blog said...

Fantastic art work! You are extremely talented (I'm sure I've told you this before).

I would love to have a go at making something with zipper charms - can you tell me who the supplier is. Thanks

kelsey said...

Love the zipper charms Julie!

Your Dad is a man after my own heart....skulls!!!! Yippee!!!!

lklight said...

I see legs & boobs! Great rusty stuff!

LisaOceandreamer said...

Julie you never cease to amaze me - look at those zipper pull charms - amazing, you get another "Zippidy doo dah" for those!! and the wood ones area also amazing and absolutely original!
Love the photo of your dads truck and his sense of playfulness too.
OK I'll stop gushing now...but psst, love the cards too!!
You inspire!

Ro Bruhn said...

Great charms Julie, I would never have thought of turning the bulbs into charms, you could also draw faces on them and then if they shrink at all the faces would look shrivelled and aged.
I think you've found some great treasure there. The circular tap handle lends itself to a piece of Keith Lo Bue jewellery.


Lisa said...

You do the coolest things! hmmmm a family trait I see. :)

jessica said...

lot of talent going on there. how wonderful.

Dotee said...

Oh my goodness, what an amazing post Julie! So much to look at.

The zipper charms (you are clever) are fabulous and I could see them as a choker too.

And I love the earthiness of your Watsonia charms. These are so beautiful and I hope I get to touch one at camp! I like the roots on them.

Your latest batches of cards are lovely too. You have quite a stash now.

Laughed out loud at your dad's quirky sense of humour with the skull. He has an artists eye (even if he doesn't think so).

I am so glad you are at peace my friend. That means a lot to me.

Love you

Dotee xoxo