Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Day At Home

I don't often get to spend a 'non-event' day with my family. Today I joined Dad and Mum for a ride in the truck to move some hay. This area of the Western Australia is normally known for being wet and, well, wet, this time of the year. Like much of Australia we are desperate for soaking rains here; and yet this dead tree against a cloudy sky was also a thing of beauty. Those clouds brought some heavy drizzle and here, in town, some rain.

My Dad collects junk (I mean important things we might need some day),he always has. Recently Dad has made some terrific welded assemblages which I will take photo's of soon. I crouched in the drizzle taking pictures to use in my art work, I even lay in the paddock - between cow droppings to take a photo looking up through the branches of one tree. I haven't played with contrast yet - just left them as they are or hit sepia in the basic camera software - but I know I can use some of these.
Of course I didn't just take photo's, I opened gates, helped feed cattle and in the front of the truck, just out of your sight, is a box. The box, my contribution to reducing the amount of stuff in the block shed.


Doreen G said...

What a great day you had with your family it must have brought back good memories.

kelsey said...

I can see a collage coming up Julie with these wonderful pics you've taken. Love the sepia!

LisaOceandreamer said...

sounds like a great day - your father has a very kind face! Super photos, I know you will make great use of them.
p.s. I wasn't sure if Australia had right hand drive or not, now I have my answer.

Janet said...

How nice that you could spend some time with your family and to also come away with those wonderful photos. I think photos of old rusty farm equipment are beautiful! I try to imagine all the things they've done, all the hands that have touched them, etc. This post made me think of visiting my grandparents cattle ranch when I was just a kid. Thank you for sharing your day with us.

Dotee said...

I am so pleased to be catching up with your blog after a few days away! I loved reading about this special day with your mum and dad.
You paint such beautiful pictures with your words that I always feel I have a good look into your day. And how you were feeling at the time.

Your dad has a beautiful face. And I love the sepia photo's.. Mmm...can see where your love of assemblage come from!

Your dad is obviously an artist and loves putting different elements together.

It must be very grounding when you go back to the family farm.

A beautiful post Julie....

ursula clamer said...

These photos are fantastic, you have so many talents. Oh, and glad that you had a pleasant day enjoying your family. Ux

France said...

What great pictures Julie! and what lovely cards you're coming up with... Of course, I got to your blog from Eve's looking at her charms *hrmph* cannot believe I missed out on all of those fabbo charms and swaps... but life is short, and busy, and we can only do so much, can't we?
I want to hear about your vegetarian story too next time we meet!!! :)
keep on inspiring us, your blog is beautiful!