Sunday, April 22, 2007


Still looking? Then brace yourselves I am going to give you the ‘tourist tour’ of my creative zone.
Last holidays I tidied, filed and sorted – my desk was completely clear AND I could not create a thing! I’ve kept the categories and let the desk run wild, and my mojo has returned with a vengeance. So fasten your seatbelts and let the tour begin.
The desk tonight features the left overs from an ATC frenzy on the weekend and the beginning of my next assem’ – oh you noticed organ donor Nancy? Poor love she came in with a leg that could not be saved and a cracked chest, she’s going to contribute to at least three pieces of art that are in the pipeline. I went looking for more donors while op-shopping with a couple of girlfriends last week andlearnt a valuable lesson, announcing you are looking for dolls to cut up leads to 10 year old girls giving you horrified looks and hiding the dollies.
Hanging off the door are my ribbons – colour coded too (Unfortunately there’s a select group of one that understands the system for that – there are as many exceptions to the colour rule as grammar exceptions in the English language). Hamish loves to sleep on the floor with the ribbons dangling over him, they don’t seem to mind. Maggie minded tonight, she got up to go for a drink and Hamish had nicely settled into her pre-warmed spot.
To my left we have the Mounted Stamp trolley – my favourite categories “backgrounds” and “words” always seem to have the drawers open. Note the neatly filed ink pads and matching shaving brushes for stippling - YUM – just looking at the nine of them together in the box makes me smile.
To my right is the PUP trolley. Oh sorry, PUP = Partially Used Paper that’s sheets that have been cut into, all neatly sorted by colour. Hanging off one side is a bag of raffia and off the other a bag of mica. This tour was conducted entirely from my chair in front of the main desk (there are two and a half in the room - desks silly, half a chair could led to someone getting hurt!). Future tours may be conducted at random intervals.


Sulea said...

i had to smile and giggle while reading your post, Julie. Love the 'PUP'. i have had many pups over the years.. they never seem to decrease.. in fact they multiply like rabbits lol. I can see how much fun you have been having in your craft area...the messier, the more fun. :oD

Steph said...

Thanks for the tour!
I really enjoy your blog, your stories put a smile on my face and it's something I really need these days!

Janet said...

This was a fun tour and I love your sense of humor. I have a lot of PUPs! My area usually looks much worse than this. You seem to be very organized in your chaos! It must work for you because you always create such wonderful art.

Debbi B said...

Hey Julie - A woman after my own heart. I can totally relate (as you know!) Debbi B

Ro Bruhn said...

Hi Julie, I'm glad I'm not the only one who NEEDS to be surrounded by ones 'things' to create. Look forward to the next tour.

Ev said...

LOL Julie, you do make me laugh and I am going to miss the fact I won't be at the retreat, never mind sitting next to you. Love the tour of the room...I suppose I need to do mine - but have a few days grace as I am not very mobile just now.

Doreen G said...

Julie Julie Julie you are a gem it was like looking around my room before I cleaned it up.
I must admit I can now find things that I had forgotten I had.
But it won't be long and it will look like yours again believe me.

misty said...

it looks like you have as much work space as I do. ;-)

Phantom is so adorable, reminds me of my first cat thatI brought home when I was three or four, she was my best friend for so long.

Dotee said...

Phantom is such a beautiful boy! Love the way our kitties s-t-r-e-t-c-h themselves out like that.

I laughed at this post Julie. As my creative space looks much the same. It is good to be surrounded by mess , shows you have been productive!

Have been on a ATC frenzy myself over the last couple of days and are tripping over things in my lounge room(which doubles as my creative space.

Oh dear, I smiled at the thought of the 10 year old girls hiding dollies from you :) Am sure you were still able to find some ok.

And I have so many PUPS too!

One Crabapple said...


And I feel almost better about my mess.

One Crabapple said...

what I mean is that my mess is much much worse. Ypu helped my guilt complex a bit ! thank you

Anonymous said...

Oh Julie, you really know how to put a smile on my dial. I haven't had time to sit and create for a while and reading your blog has given me so much pleasure. Your gorgeous Phantom is enough to make any one sigh with delight. Thank you for the smiles from Charmaine :-) xxxx

Janine said...

Glad to see that your room looks just like mine did (at present everything is in boxes!) have promised myself that the next studio will be