Friday, April 06, 2007

Beautiful Weeds, Sneezes and Gifts

Update: Thanks so much to Ro who has reminded me these plants are Watsonia, apparently they grow in Victoria too. I am not sure about copyright so if you are interested here are a couple of links to the flowers:

Thank you so much for all the positive comments and encouragement on my last post. At times I get a little insecure about the fact I dabble in so many 'arts'. So often when I am doubting myself you fill me with courage anew.
As we walked tonight I spotted a few of these wood like shapes on the ground. Immediately I thought of charms and nests and other jewellery. What are they? The base of a bulb - the bulb of a declared weed. If I can find a photo I will add it later ( my memory has let me down so I can not search for it by name ). These bulbs grow into beautiful long stems full of pink, apricot or white flowers. However they multiply and take over the natural bushland very rapidly, so I make a habit of pulling them out of the ground as we walk. I discovered that if I found bulbs that were just beginning to take root then there were 6 or 7 of these discs, just beginning to separate at the base. Miss Maggie was not impressed that I was the one stopping to dig in the dirt - I am sure her sighs were heard in the next state! I, however, came home with pockets full of treasures. They drill beautifully!
Mr Charles has a cold -his nose is running like a garden hose and he is either resting on my PJ shelf or cuddled on my knee, occasionally giving me a shower as he sneezes. I used to run straight to the vet, sure he was dieing of some kitty disease. Now I know he will get a cold at change of season and possibly one in winter; so I simply put something old and soft under his nose and cook him special treats. I have tried to explain that playing in the rain is not good for his health - but my water baby is particularly dense on this point. He will come in very cold and dripping water, throw himself in front of the heater and clean all over - then dive outside to start the cycle again.
This wonderful mini book is a Mystery Muse gift from Genevieve, who tricked me well - by putting Sally's as the return address. It is so beautiful. Thanks Gen.


Lisa said...

You are so talented and so creative!! I just love all the things you are doing and the way your mind thinks when you look at things the rest of us just pass by.

That is a beautiful gift that you received from your friend.

Aren't we all just the luckiest blogging women in the world? :)

LisaOceandreamer said...

oh what treasures those weed pods are..I can definitely see all sorts of things coming from them.
Poor wee kitty..but wow, he LIKES rain? I can't even spritz water off my hands near Daisy as she acts like I just burned her. lol!
Fabulous treasure from your friend too...I mean really, who would have thought that this blogging thing would be as rewarding as it is? and by rewarding I mean for the heart and soul!

Jane P said...

love the zips-do you use silver wire for the knots?and how lucky are you to recieve the domino book. Actually, it is not luck- it is the effort and thought that you put in for other peoples gifts- you get back in return

Jellybean said...

You are certainly a wonderfully creative lady of art. I enjoy browsing your work Julie, truely beautiful work. MM gifts are very special indeed. Genevieve

littledawnieno1 said...

Such lovely stuff here Julie.

but is Sally G really your MM.
Have you guessed it right .

WE shall see

D xxx

kelsey said...

Isn't it amazing what you find when you're not really looking for in the "boyfriend" realm (if I remember correctly! lol) as well as in the arty world!

Gorgeous piece Sal sent you. ;-)

Janet said...

Those weed pieces are incredible! They made me think of sea creatures for some reason! Can't wait to see what you do with them.

Sorry to hear Mr Charles is under the weather but he looks comfy on that shelf.

The mini book from your friend is spectacular! I love the colors and the top is just gorgeous. I just bought a book on how to make artsy books. Hopefully I'll get some time to try it.

Ro Bruhn said...

Hi Julie
I think those bulbs or corms might be called Watsonias, I know in Victoria they grow like weeds in the bush, they have lovely almost bell like flowers along their tall thin stems. Does this sound like them?


Judy said...

Yep, that mini book is awesome, next on my artsy agenda is a bookbinding course - must find a good one. You are one lucky lady.

Dotee said...

Julie - what a amazing weekend you have had!!

The mini book from Sal is awesome and cannot wait to see what you do with the pods :)

Hope Mr Charles is feeling better.