Thursday, March 05, 2009

Trying to be still ...

Have you seen the wonderful birds Leighanna makes? I feel so blessed to have this one, he makes me smile each time I walk passed.
I really do need to make time to be still, to find my center to be with God and know it, to breathe and relax. I am trying, and most days there are at least a few minutes, even if it is those in the shower, or the blissful few minutes on the deck, late night. I love that, when the stars are out, my neighbours in bed, I will go outside to hang washing and then pause - listening to the quiet, gazing at the stars and being awed for the 'nth time.
This assemblage was a surprise/RAK gift from Melissa a blog friend my heart knows. I came home after a blue day to find a box on my doorstep and nestled inside was this rusted art work and a very kind card. Thank you.

I am so very excited to be going to Creative Soul Retreat in a weeks time.
OK I just scared myself again. By this time next week I will have delivered Archer and his belongings to my friend Nikki, popped Charles and Phantom in the Willows (5* accommodation for purr babies) organised with the boy across the road to see Harvey twice a day, prepared lessons for approximately 150 students and so much more.
Luggage tags - the only thing close to art I have worked on in the last week.

One of the "much more's" is creating a bigger need than usual for being still. Three months ago I had a spot removed which turned out to be melanoma. I had my three monthly check last week and my wonderful doctor removed two more suspicious spots. One of those has turned out to be another melanoma. So on Monday I am having wider margins cut around where it was. This one has rocked me, made me think, it paralysed me for a couple of days. Slowly I am processing the fact this will now become a life-long journey. Checking, having others check me, needles, cutting, stitching... Finding my humour, my ability to use trials to entertain, my coping mechanisms.
Can you guess what happened when Archer finally gave in to temptation and reached for the tail? Yes. Yet another game of crazy chasey.

Always the furies are my non-judgemental, cuddlers, all quite sure that they are the most important thing in my life, and I in theirs. Again, I am astounded at the depth of friendships and the care of my human friends.
While Charles tried to sleep.
Charles may have regretted his commitment on the weekend. I dropped a glass as I dried the dishes, he dropped onto it and off to the vet we went. One little cat with a slit paw one sorry Mum, who was (despite her sorrow) heard to mutter, 'On the weekend again!'. I can't remember the last time my animals were hurt between 8.00am and 6.00pm Monday to Saturday... Perhaps I should give up glasses and just drink straight from the bottle - less dishes, less to drop... but no, it is never the same injury twice. Such is life.
How is your week shaping up?


Sam Marshall said...

Hi Julie,
So sorry to hear about your spot. It's good you have regular checks.

What a sweet friend you have!

Have a wonderful time at the retreat- sounds absolutely wonderful!!!

MaryB said...

Hi Julie, it sounds like you need some time away for an art retreat. I'm sorry to hear about the melanoma spot, and happy to hear that you have such a good doctor.
Enjoy your time deserve it.

Me said...

I will pray for the melanoma - it does sound like a journey that will be with you...

I am glad you liked the assemblage...


Doreen G said...

Enjoy the retreat Julie.
Take care of yourself and trust in the power of God's love.

Dawnie said...

that good doc will say anything...he-he..hope you still get your cuppa while your there but sounds like your in good hands. Think positive LL and give thanks for the many great things in your life.
Will chat tomorrow

Lost Aussie said...

Hope all the new margins catch what needs to be caught!
Have a wonderful time at the Retreat and give my best to everyone, especially Bevlea.

dogfaeriex5 said...

i just dropping by to send good wishes for a wonderful retreat and time spent with dot..sounds like a heaven of a time...and quick healing on your boo-boos...
much love as always..xo

Karen Cole said...

Keep the faith Julie. I will be thinking of you.

You are truly gifted. Art, animals, journeys......enjoy every moment.

lindacreates said...

Julie, my thoughts and prayers will be with you. Be good to yourself. The art will come when you are ready. I love the luggage tags.

Cat said...

Great art gifts! Your luggage tags are cool!

Sorry to hear of the melanoma. Yes, it will require new awareness to stay on top of little spots. My Mom says she has to go have all her "barnacles" removed each year.

Looking at your sweet furry friends rests my heart! I'm sure they are good therapy for yours.

May God bless you with peace always.

Have a wonderful time at the Creative Soul Retreat!

Jo Wholohan said...

so great to meet you julie finally xx

Gaby Bee said...

My thoughts will be with you, Julie.
Your luggage tags are simply wonderful!
Hope you had a great time at the retreat!
Have a wonderful weekend.

Take care
Gaby xo