Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Class with Bernie Berlin

On the third day of retreat I was tired and a little emotional; I attended class glad to be there but not putting pressure on my self to complete the project. Bernie was such a wonderful teacher with stepped out instructions, a generous supply of resources to share and too my surprise I finished three projects (all except the final lot of gluing - which I did yesterday). It was a pleasure to meet someone who is as they are on their blog and Bernie is all that and more, sharing her heart with us as she taught.

The other wonderful thing about this class was that the focus was on using what many of us already have, stamps, paint, glue, images etc. I didn't leave with a purchasing wish list. Have to love that!

Images here are Michael deMeng and Lost Aussie.


Sam Marshall said...

They look so beautiful.I especially love the one with the blue face.

Dawnie said...

Lovely to see these finished but do love the black frame around the bottom one...very striking ! Sorry to have had a hand in your being tired and emotional my lovely...but I couldnt have had a better friend's shoulder to cry on my gal pal..thankyou so much.Love these pieces so much..looks like it was a grand class.
Hug ya

kelsey said...

It was a good class I agree! Bernie was just so lovely and patient with us, a very sharing and kind person....and she loves animals....what more could you want!!!

Eva said...

Seriously Julie ... those pieces are awesome! When you tire of either or all of them - they can come live at my home (lol). Very nice work - indeed!

Eva :-)

Still Waters Studio said...

Beautiful pieces! It's amazing how a creative environment can revive us.

Dot said...

Beautiful pieces Julie. And have heard nothing but praise for Bernie's teaching skills.

Hope you have a good weekend.

Take care

Dotee xoxo

Jacky said...

Funky ATC's Julie.... Bernies classes looked like a lot of fun...nice to actually finish something too!!!

Jen Crossley said...

WOW these are awesome Julie ,I can see the funky in you coming out!!
PS why does the word verification read Nuten LOL

Seth said...

All three came out so well. Beautiful!

Sue Smith said...

I agree, Bernie's class was fantastic! I'm impressed with all you created - each one is gorgeous... I have only one completed piece, so must have chilled even more than you!

Lost Aussie said...

Thought I recognised the came out great, as did the other pieces. oxox